Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0212679 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cain,P Cain,Peter EXCELSIOR COLLEGE NY International Farming Systems: Sustainable Farming and Natural Resources Management Practices in the Developing World
0213743 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Barrick, R. K. Barrick, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL National Food and Agricultural Sciences Teaching Awards Program
0213769 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Culbertson, J. W. Culbertson,Judy CALIFORNIA FOUNDATION FOR AGRIC IN THE CLASSROOM CA National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
0213770 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St. Pierre, M. St. Pierre, M. R. STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College Youth Equestrian Arts
0213771 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Beam, C. L. Luke Beam BURNS HIGH SCHOOL NC GOAL - Grow Our Agriculture Leaders
0213772 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jordan, K. C. Jordan, K. C. DAYTONA BEACH COLLEGE FL Aquaculture for Undergraduate Advancement
0213778 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stewart, J. R. Stewart, J. R. ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL Summer Aquaculture Camp for Student Interns at the Bryant High School Aquaculture Facility
0213779 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Downer, J. V. Downer, J. V. CENTRAL FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE FL Innovations in Agricultural Ed. in Equine Studies Through Curriculum Development, Linkages to Other Inst. and Added Career Oppurtunities
0213780 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Findley, R. Findley, R. TREASURE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Development of a Viticulture Curriculum for the Snake River Valley American Vitculture Area
0213781 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St. Pierre, M. R. St. Pierre, M. R. STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College CSREES Tee Pee Fever Special Emphasis Project
0213782 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perey, J. Perey, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Multimedia Development Center for Agribusiness Curriculum Enhancement
0213793 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tenpas, R. Frohrib, P. B. FOX VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE WI Wisconsin 2 +2 Degree Program in Agricultural Engineering Technology Project
0213843 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hammer, H. S. Hugh Hammer Gadsden State Community College AL Teaching, Research, and Web-Enhanced Learning Experiences within a Postsecondary Aquaculture Curriculum
0213871 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Davis, C. A. Davis,Carrie Ann FAYETTE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS KY Eastside Technical Center`s Secondary Veterinary Science Program
0213878 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Szafranski, J. Neelon, S. SMITH VOCATIONAL AND AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL MA Integrating Sustainable and Renewable Resources into Agriculture
0214039 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Boland, M. A. Boland, M. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS International Agribusiness Education Task Force
0214101 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Emerson, H. C. Emerson, H. C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Preparing Global Ready Leaders in Agricultural and Life Sciences
0214120 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pushkarskaya, H. N. Pushkarskaya,Helen UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY On-line math modules
0214152 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Olson, E. R. Gretz, D. J. LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Influence of forest management on American marten prey base in Northern Wisocnsin
0214153 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St. Pierre, M. St. Pierre, M. STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT CSRESS Special Emphasis Native Arts and Crafts Project
0214183 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mehlhorn, J. Joey Mehlhorn UNIV OF TENNESSEE TN Global Agriculture Leadership Incubator Project (GALIP)
0214187 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bugden-Storie, J. Bugden-Storie, J. L. WESTERN CAROLINA UNIV NC Using International Remote Sensing Fieldwork to Improve Regional Natural Resource Management
0214219 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bush, J. K. Bush, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX A model to integrate mentoring between community entities to promote and enhance career development for underrepresented minorities
0214220 TERMINATED SERD GRANT FRAZIER, J. L. FRAZIER, J. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A New International Collaboration to Understand African Bee Biology, Ecology, and Mgmt as a Key to Sustaining Honey bee Health in the US
0214230 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hynes, J. W. Hynes, J. W. SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX Forging Partnerships and Building Global Competence Between U.S. & Malian Faculty in Agricultural Science Education
0214232 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rickerl, D. H. Rickerl, D. H. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Synergies of Indigenous/International Collaboration
0214240 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stevens, G. N. Stevens, G. N. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Belize Education and Science Exchange Program
0214243 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bland, W. L. Bland, W. L. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Introducing the Complexity of African Agricultural Development into Agroecology Graduate Study
0214321 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zeece, M. G. Zeece, M. G. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN EXTENSION NE Enhanced international collaboration in food science education and research