Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195829 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sharp, T. Sharp, T. Jackson State Community College TN Pilot Test: Project to Validate and Improve the Skill Standards as Identified in the State's Agriculture Career Cluster Initiative
0195828 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Denson, R. Denson, R. NORTHEAST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE IA The Development of Activity-Centered Curriculum Modules for Classroom Instruction by High School Agricultural Science Teachers
0195827 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rulofson, F. Rulofson, F. College of the Redwoods CA Student Agriculture Enterprise Project
0195826 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Holmes, J. Holmes, J. Virginia Highlands Community College VA Expanding Educational Opportunities in Agribusiness and Aquaculture in Southwestern Virginia
0195825 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Williamsen, N. Williamsen, N. Iowa Lakes Community College IA Enhancing Awareness and Teaching of Animal Production and Food Safety
0195824 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chastain, C. B. Chastain, C. B. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Missouri Multicultural Scholars in Veterinary Medicine
0195823 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dutto, L. Dutto, L. College of the Sequoias CA Job Entry Skill Training for Secondary and Post Secondary Students in Dairy Food Processing
0195822 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koike, B. Koike, B. Oregon Coast Community College OR Project Pisces: Linking Oregon Coast Community College's Aquarium Science Curriculum to Lincoln County Middle and High Schools
0195821 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, D. D. Miller, D. D. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Food Science Multicultural Scholars Program
0195820 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Marty, E. Marty, E. Alabama School of Fine Arts AL Art and Science of Agriculture Project (ASAP)
0195817 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Winston, H. M. Winston, H. M. Shelley School District #60 ID The AG Solutions Model for Secondary Curriculum Enhancement
0195815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, L. S. Nichols, L. S. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD 2+2+2 Multicultural Scholarships for Native Americans
0195814 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Leifeld, A. Leifeld, A. Mead High School NE Mead Agriculture Sciences Magnet High School
0195811 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Coale, D. L. Deppman, M. Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center VT Vermont Agribusiness Workforce Development Center
0195810 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Reinschmiedt, L. L. Reinschmiedt, L. L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS A Multicultural Scholars Program in Horticulture and the Plant Sciences - Training Through Experiential Learning
0195809 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pedersen, M. E. Smith, T. L. CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Multicultural Agricultural Scholars Program at Cal Poly
0195808 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hunewill, R. Hunewill, R. Smith Valley High School NV Backpack Natural Science
0195807 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Senne-Duff, B. C. Senne-Duff, B. C. University of the Incarnate Word TX UIW Multicultural Scholars in Nutrition Program
0195747 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kimmerer, R. W. Robin Kimmerer STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Multicultural Scholars Program @SUNY-ESF
0195744 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, A. Miller, A. NORTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OK Northeastern State University Multicultural Scholars Program
0195743 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stoll, M. Stoll, M. GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE NY Growing Aware Institute
0195742 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Morgan, J. Morgan, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Hydroponic Produce Cottage Industry Development in Rural Arizona
0195740 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Everett, S. Everett, S. CLARK STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OH Advancing Agricultural Education
0195739 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Morris, H. Morris, H. LEHIGH CARBON COMMUNITY COLLEGE PA Regional Horticulture Program Implementation
0195723 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grossman-Garber, D. Grossman-Garber, D. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Project Jump Redux II: Strengthening and Diversifying Our Future Workforce in the Food & Agricultural Sciences
0195093 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rockwood, D. L. Rockwood, D. L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Cooperative Multicultural Scholars Program in Natural Resources and Forestry Between Florida A&M University and the University of Florida
0195062 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sweet, J. Sweet, J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Enhancing Diversity: Multicultural Scholars Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine-Cornell University
0195054 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Goodwin, J. K. Goodwin, J. K. UNIV OF NORTH DAKOTA ND UND Multicultural Scholars Into Dietetics Program
0195017 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Yang, J. Brown, J. W. UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Career opportunity for Pacific Islanders in general food and agricultural sciences
0195014 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ralston, P.A. Ralston, P.A. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Advancing Multicultural Students in the Food and Nutritional Sciences