Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1004245 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Peterson, R. Peterson,Rick TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Texas AgrAbility
1004217 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Stockdale, T. P. Stockdale,Tom P. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV West Virginia AgrAbility
1004212 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Thayer, H. E. Thayer,Harry E DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Delaware State University Sustainable Community Project
1004207 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Cassels, A. Cobb,Nila WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV WVU CYFAR Sustainable Community Project
1004174 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ouellette, K. L. Ouellette,Kristy L UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Maine Community Central: Integrating 4-H Science and Life Skills with Schools, Communities and Families
1004128 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Lovejoy, S. Bates,Ronald MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Michigan AgrAbility
1004124 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Martin, K. M. Martin,Karen LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Louisiana State University Sustainable Community Project
1004094 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Slocombe, J. W. Slocombe,John W KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Kansas AgrAbility Project
1004033 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Borden, L. Dworkin,Jodi UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN University of Minnesota - Tennessee State University Sustainable Community Project
1003969 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Davison, S. Davison,Stephanie MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Linking Native American youth to agriculture and environmental practices using STEM technologies
1003959 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Brandon, D. Brandon,Dorothy P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Parent-Child Reading Enhancement Program
1003915 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Samuel, J. Bankston,Joanne KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY U Connect: Universities Connecting with Young People for Educational Success A Multi-State Collaborative
1003907 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Stawicki, J. Stawicki,JulieAnn UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION WI Wisconsin Sustainable Community Project
1003901 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Greder, K. A. Greder,Kimberly Ann IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Juntos: Together for a Better Education and Success for At-Risk Youth in Iowa Communities
1003900 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Pellien, T. J. Kunicki,Marycarmen RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Science Pathways - Rutgers Sustainable Community Project
1003890 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Krehbiel, M. Krehbiel,Michelle UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE CYFAR - Nebraska Sustainable Community Project
1003866 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Kurzynske, J. S. Jones,Kenneth R UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY The YMCA, UK and KSU: YES (Youth Engagement and Support)
1003864 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Roper, T. R. Miller,Rhonda UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Professional Development Program (PDP)
1003829 TERMINATED 3D GRANT McKee, R. McKee,Renee PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN 4-H PALS Purdue University Sustainable Community Project
1003790 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Dierenfield, C. Dierenfield,Candi UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Fostering Youth Towards a Revolution of Responsibility
1003789 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hamilton, S. F. Turner,Andrew S. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY New York 4-H Youth Community Action Network, Year 3
1003706 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Dromgoole, D. A. Dodd,Courtney F TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Texas A&M University Sustainable Community Project
1003684 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Downey, L. Downey,Laura H. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Mississippi State University Sustainable Community Project
1003046 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Koelsch, R. Koelsch,Richard UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Increasing IPM Adoption in Nebraska
1002959 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Leppla, N. C. Leppla,Norman C UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Extension Integrated Pest Management Coordination and Support Program for the University of Florida
1002843 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hutchison, W. Hutchison,William UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Bolstering Extension Education Programs for Spotted-wing Drosophila, a New Invasive Pest in Minnesota Small Fruits
1002723 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Davison, J. Davison,Jason UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION NV Nevada Cooperative Extension Integrated Pest Management Coordination Program
1002702 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Rodriguez-Saona, C. Rodriguez-Saona,Cesar RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ A Novel Attract-And-Kill Approach For Managing The Invasive Pest Spotted Wing Drosophila In Multiple Small Fruit Crops
1002698 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Jasinski, J. R. Jasinski,James R OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH The Ohio Extension Integrated Pest Management Program 2013-2016