Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weatherwax, M. Weatherwax,Melissa BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT BCC Meat Processing
1029951 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sen, S. Sen,Sudipta CIRRUS360 LLC TX Edge Computing driven AUTOMATION for small and medium Poultry and Meat Processors
1029938 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dweik, B. Dweik,Badawi GINER, INC. MA Effective Microbial Treatment for Prevention of Carcass Contamination
1029936 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ghosal, S. Ghosal,Sarbajit SC SOLUTIONS INC CA Rapid Real-time Image Analysis for Meat Quality Monitoring
1029930 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barashkov, N. Barashkov,Nikolay MICRO-TRACERS INC. CA Disinfection of Water used in the Poultry Industry by Combined Advanced Oxidation Processes
1029928 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kanmukhla, V. Kanmukhla,Vikram HALOMINE INC. NY Rechargeable Antimicrobial Coating For Poultry And Meat Processing Facilities
1029921 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hansen, B. Hansen,Brian AEROPHASE INC CO Bio-Aerosol Protection for Worker Safety and Food Safety in Meat and Poultry Processing
1029917 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yannone, S. M. Yannone,Steven Michael CINDER BIOLOGICAL INC CA Natural and non-toxic hyperthermoacidic enzyme cleaning and sanitation products meat and poultry processing
1029916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amin, V. R. Amin,Viren R Biotronics, Inc. IA Increase Market Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Packing Plants by Identifying Superior Pork Quality Using Ultrasound
1029909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cremer, J. T. Cremer,Jay Theodore ADELPHI TECHNOLOGY INC CA Automated Air Monitoring, Disinfection and Purification System for Small and Mid-Size Poultry Processing Facilities
1029905 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sulakvelidze, A. Sulakvelidze,Alexander Intralytix, Inc. MD Optimization of SalmoFresh™ application at small and medium poultry and meat producers
1029903 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roberson, M. W. Roberson,Mark W GOLDFINCH SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES AND ANALYTICS LLC NC RF Digital Nose for Ground Product Smart Processing
1029888 NEW OTHER GRANTS Marks, H. Marks,Homer SOUTHWEST INDIAN AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, INC. AZ American Rescue Plan Technical Assistance Investment Program for Southwest Indian Farmers and Ranchers
1029839 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zhao, X. Zhao,Xin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Developing innovative compost-based hydroponic systems to diversify production of flavorful and nutrient-dense strawberries in urban agriculture
1029830 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, J. R. Taylor,John Robert UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Mapping Diverse Services from Alternative Urban Food Provisioning Networks and Identifying Opportunities for Policy Support
1029818 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amaize, A. Amaize,Aitalohi OURSPACE WORLD, INC. MD Scaling and Multiplying the Calabash: Building a National Network to Link Socially Disadvantaged Farmers to USDA Support for Cooperative and Educational Efforts
1029816 NEW OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. Williams,Raymond BLACK FARMERS COLLECTIVE WA Leveling The Fields In Western Washington: A BIPOC-Led Nonprofit Uplifts BIPOC Farmers, Leveraging USDA and Other Farm Resources
1029803 NEW OTHER GRANTS Meddaugh, M. Meddaugh,Melinda CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF SULLIVAN COUNTY NY Catskills-Hudson Valley Ag Technical Assistance Project
1029797 NEW OTHER GRANTS Meng, Q. Meng,Qingwu UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Tailoring Hydroponic Factors to Controlled-Environment Production of Emerging Food Crops
1029795 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tarrant, K. Tarrant,Katy CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Flying the COOP: Empowering Underrepresented Students to Broaden Poultry Processing Career Horizons in the COOP Center of Excellence
1029794 NEW OTHER GRANTS Middleton, E. Middleton,Eric UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Evaluating controlled environment production techniques in urban settings for small-scale growers
1029787 NEW OTHER GRANTS Domenech-Pérez, K. Domenech-Pérez,Katherine UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR PRMIA: A strategic alliance impacting Puerto Rico’s meat and poultry industry by using immersive teaching methods to deliver instruction
1029782 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cowherd, S. G. Cowherd,Stephanie Grace ECOTRUST OR Building a Community of Practice for Tribal Agroforestry Producers and Youth in the Pacific Northwest
1029781 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coffin, C. Coffin,Cris AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, INC DC Growing Equity
1029774 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barry, J. Barry,Judith MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Addressing Barriers to Better Serve Socially-Disadvantaged Michigan Producers: A Community-MSU Inclusive Technical Assistance Network
1029773 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Investment for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1029772 NEW OTHER GRANTS Krishnan, G. Krishnan,Girish UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Robotics Integrated High Tunnels (RobInHighTs): Creating profitable food oases in urban ecosystems
1029769 NEW OTHER GRANTS Frazier, M. Frazier,Michael GROW FOOD WA Asserting a Farm Viability Model for the Future: Forging cross-sector and USDA partnerships to ensure agricultural and business resiliency for the next generation of underserved farmers
1029767 NEW OTHER GRANTS Madill, H. Madill,Holly MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Urban Agriculture Integrated Proposal Development Conference