Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0204794 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Egnin, M. Egnin, M. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Reshaping K-12 Pipeline and Sophomoric Science Curricula Through Genomic and Biotechnology Training
0205113 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sharma, G. C. Sharma, G. C. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL The Consortium for Bioinformatics Instruction
0207011 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zizza, C. A. Zizza, Claire AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Student and Faculty Development: The Community Partnership Service Learning Program at Auburn University
0208019 TERMINATED SERD GRANT BROWN, V. M. BROWN, V. M. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing K-12 Experiential Learning in AgriScience Related Disciplines through Laboratory-Based Training and Leadership Development
0210406 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, T. W. Johnson,Terry Wayne GERALDINE HIGH SCHOOL AL "Connecting with Outside Resources to make High School Horticulture Instruction More Job-Related"
0211596 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dawkins, N. Dawkins,Norma L TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Enhancement of Teaching in Food and Agricultural Sciences through Integration of Modern Instrumentation
0213778 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stewart, J. R. Stewart, J. R. ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL Summer Aquaculture Camp for Student Interns at the Bryant High School Aquaculture Facility
0213843 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hammer, H. S. Hugh Hammer Gadsden State Community College AL Teaching, Research, and Web-Enhanced Learning Experiences within a Postsecondary Aquaculture Curriculum
0196207 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Owens, C. Owens, C. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Collaborative Development of a Multi-Media, Modular Poultry Processing, Products, and Food Safety Curriculum
0197872 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Buckner, E. R. Buckner, E. R. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Geographic Information Systems Technology Teaching Project
0197961 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Adamu, U. Adamu, U. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Agriculture Careers Research and Exploration Summer Institute
0200229 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evans, M. R. Evans, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Virtual Field Trips for Improving Undergraduate Education in Controlled Environment Agriculture
0201308 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lochmann, S. E. Steve Lochmann UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Competence and Confidence: Building Professionals by Building a Museum Collection
0204822 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Engle, C. R. engle, C. R. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Expanding Aquaculture Graduate Program Offering: A Need for Aquaculture/Fisheries Research and Educational Library (AFREL)
0204860 TERMINATED SERD GRANT OKIROR, L. L. Linda Okiror UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Science Readiness and Academic Achievement in Agriculture, Environmental and Life Sciences
0205558 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Graham, D. L. Graham, D. L. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR University of Arkansas Multicultural Scholars Program
0207801 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Neal, J. W. Neal, J. W. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Integrated Teaching and Experience Learning (INTEL) Laboratory: Creating a High-Tech Learning Environment for Students
0210546 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evans, M. R. Evans, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Resource Sharing for the Enhancement of Curricula in Core and Emerging Issues in the Plant Agricultural Sciences - A Planning Proposal
0215576 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Haukenes, A. H. Haukenes,Alf H UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Establishment of a modern educational laboratories in integrative physiology fishes
0188967 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Trosper, R. Arganbright, D. G. NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Multicultural Forestry Scholars in the Southwest
0194963 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Trosper, R. L. Trosper, R. L. NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Culturally Diverse Ecosystem Science Scholars in the Southwest
0195742 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Morgan, J. Morgan, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Hydroponic Produce Cottage Industry Development in Rural Arizona
0200364 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Logvin, M. Marshall Logvin SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Expanding Student Opportunities in Bioscience Careers at a Community College
0203985 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Buseck, P. Buseck, P. Tohono O'odham Community College AZ Everything in the Desert Connects-Education
0206336 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Klein, B. A. Barbara Klein DINE COLLEGE AZ Cryptic Biodiversity of Dine' Bikeyah: Fungal Endophytes of Native Plants on the Navajo Nation
0206387 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Shultz, C. Shultz, C. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY EAST AZ The Balkans & Black Sea Project: American-Greek-Romanian Initiatives to Enhance Understanding of Multicultural Market Opportunities
0207090 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Burd, R. Burd,Randy UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Nutrigenomics for the Study of Disease Prevention and Intervention
0210392 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sandoval, R. Ayers,Stacey S. SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Undergraduate Biotechnolgy Engagement Track
0213782 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perey, J. Perey, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Multimedia Development Center for Agribusiness Curriculum Enhancement