Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017101 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brunner,Lisa WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Strengthening Anishinaabe Youth and Family Food Literacy by Building Resilience through Culture, Food, and Arts.
0218752 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Andrade, R. Andrade,Ruddys NEW JERSEY CITY UNIVERSITY NJ Re-Shaping a Curriculum: Environmental Science in the Urban Environment
0222203 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Andrae, J. G. Andrae,John CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Enhancing the Sustainability of Livestock Production Systems on the Southeastern US
1022361 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ankumah, R. O. Ankumah,Ramble O. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Tuskegee University Food and Agricultural Scholars Program (TUFASP)
0207987 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anoruo, A. O. Anoruo, A. O. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Structured Educational Program to Lock-in Students to USDA Food Safety Professions
0220309 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anoruo, F. Anoruo,Florence CLAFLIN UNIVERSITY SC Establishment of an Agricultural/Biofuel Feed Stock Research Field Station in Orangeburg County
1016548 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Antonio, T. Antonio,Thomas INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS NM Southwest Plant Collection and Identification
1017062 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Areta, A. Areta,Aufai AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Distance Education at the American Samoa Community College
1014088 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Areta, A. A. Areta,Aufai AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Distance Education in Food & Agricultural Related Sciences at the American Samoa Community College
1013908 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Arnold, L. M. Arnold,Laura Michelle UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Case-Based Distance Learning for Food Animal Veterinarians
1011248 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aronson, K. R. Aronson,Keith Robert PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Army Family Advocacy Program: Prevention and Research
1009862 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Asiabanpour, B. Asiabanpour,Bahram TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX EverGreen: A Cross-Disciplinary Research-Based Education Program for Hispanic Students at the Food-Water-Energy Intersection
1003765 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aslan, S. Aslan,Semih TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX A BRIDGE Program to Engage, Sustain and Empower Women and Minorities in STEM (ESE WAMS)
1017324 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Avery, J. L. Avery,Jimmy L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Southern Regional Aquaculture Center
1012567 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Avila, L. E. Beniston,Ian J. Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation OH Eating for Health:Expanding Fresh Food Access in the Mahoning Valley
1012198 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Awal, R. Awal,Ripendra PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Real-Time Site Specific Irrigation Scheduling Tools for Agricultural Crops and Urban Landscape in Texas Using a Mobile Web App
1016640 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Azbell, L. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK Experiential Learning: Water and Soil Research
1016802 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Azbell, L. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK Traditional Mvskoke Foods: Connecting with our Ancestors
0229761 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Azure, L. Azure,Lane CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Building Framework for Food Literacy Research in a Tribal Community
1016398 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bagavathiannan, M. Bagavathiannan,Muthukumar TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Research and Extension to Address Herbicide Resistance Epidemic in Annual Bluegrass in Managed Turf Systems
1004248 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bagavathiannan, M. V. Bagavathiannan,Muthukumar TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing and Delivering a Bio-Economic Decision-Support Tool for Guiding Integrated Management of Palmer Amaranth
1011154 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baker, M. A. Robinson,Jeremy Shane OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Bridging the Mandate Gap: Equipping Agricultural Educators to Support All Students in Exploring FANH Careers
1008099 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baker, T. T. Baker,Terrell T UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Designing a Revised McIntire-Stennis Strategic Plan
0223851 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baldwin, C. L. Baldwin,Cynthia L UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Development of High Priority Immune Reagents for Food Security - Supplement
1014825 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Baldwin, E. Bai,Jinhe ARS-USDA GA Accelerating implementation of HLB tolerant hybrids as new commercial cultivars for fresh and processed citrus
1020644 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bales, D. Bales,Diane UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Rural Health and Safety Education Grant (opioid prevention in rural communities)
1010492 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barbercheck, M. E. Barbercheck,Mary Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Going underground: Digging up the dirt on Metarhizium-plant-pest interactions in an organic cropping system
1016312 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barrett, J. E. Barrett,John E VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Life-Cycle Assessment of Biochar in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems: Effects on Production, Soil Fertility, and Economic Impact
1017199 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bartley, B. Bartley,Benjamin LA MONTANITA FOOD COOPERATIVE, INC NM Achieving FSMA Compliance through USDA Harmonized GAP - Preparing the Four Corners Region's Diverse Farmers for Food Safety Certification