Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0230559 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Forcella, F. Forcella,Frank AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Promoting pollinators and other beneficial insects through bio-oil production
0230907 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lee, C. C. Lee,Charles C AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Nanostructured Enzyme Assemblies for Lignocellulosic Biomass Breakdown for Bioproduct and Bioenergy Applications
1000361 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Liu, G. Liu,George AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Sperm DNA methylome and its impacts on male fertility in dairy cattle
1000438 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Long, J. A. Long,Julie A AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Poultry Germplasm Preservation: Modulating Membrane Lipids for Successful Cryopreservation of Semen from Valuable Genetic Stocks
1000596 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Weng, Y. Weng,Yiqun AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Genomics-aided Development of Introgression Lines of Cucumis hystrix for Cucumber Improvement: Focus on Alien Transfer of Disease Resistance
1000599 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ngo, H. L. Ngo,Helen Agricultural Research Service PA Development of Environmentally Friendly and Economically Feasible Engineering Processes for High-Value Biobased Products
1000646 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hayes, R. J. Simko,Ivan AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Breeding and genetics of lettuce for resistance against race 2 Verticillium wilt.
1000668 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kochian, L. V. Pineros,Miguel A. Agricultural Research Service PA Dissecting the Genetic, Molecular and Physiological Basis of Aluminum Tolerance in Rice: Implications for Cereal Improvement
1000683 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Sappington, T. W. Sappington,Thomas W. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Joint Conference of US Corn Entomologist Technical Committees, International Working Group on Ostrinia, and Diabrotica Genetics Consortium
1000686 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cheng, H. H. Cheng,Hans H AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL ¿Genome biology of Marek¿s disease: viral integration and genome alterations in genetically resistant and susceptible stocks¿
1001083 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Moorman, T. B. Moorman,Thomas Bolling AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Persistence and Transport of Veterinary Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Midwestern Farming Systems
1001206 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ort, D. R. Ort,Donald R. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Heat waves in a warming world: The effects high temperature under elevated CO2 on soybean in the field
1001345 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Halterman, D. Halterman,Dennis AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Resistance-determining interactions between phytopathogenic Phytophthora effector IPI-O and the host resistance protein RB
1001391 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Picklo, M. J. Picklo,Matthew John AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SD Disease risk reduction and LCn3-rich rainbow trout
1001473 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kistler, H. C. Kistler,Harold Corby AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Export And Tolerance Of Toxins Important For Plant Disease.
1001999 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Morris, C. F. Morris,Craig F. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Soft Kernel Durum Wheat: Removing the Culinary Constraints of this Genetically Rich Cereal Species
1002285 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hwang, D. H. Hwang,Daniel H. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Suppression of postprandial monocyte activation by fruit rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols or docosahexaenoic acid in humans
1002339 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Novotny, J. A. Novotny,Janet A AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Adaptation in Polyphenol Bioavailability & Bioactivity During Long Term Exposure to Polyphenol-Rich Foods in Lean And Obese Individuals
1002545 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cheng, H. Cheng,Heng-wei AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Thermal Perches as Cooling Devices for Reducing Heat Stress in Caged Laying Hens
1002685 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT LIEBIG, M. A. LIEBIG,MARK ANTHONY AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SD Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Effectiveness through the GRA Croplands Greenhouse Gas Network (MAGGnet)
1004467 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Jansky, S. Jansky,Shelley H AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL 2xcelerate??? A diploid inbred line strategy to accelerate genetic gain in potato
1005186 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lay, D. C. Lay,Donald C. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL A Novel Two-Step Gas System to Allow for Humane On-Farm Euthanasia
1005313 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ainsworth, E. A. Ainsworth,Elizabeth Anna AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Phloem loading as a driver of plant photosynthetic responses to carbon supply
1005517 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bickhart, D. M. Bickhart,Derek Martens AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD US-UK Collaborative: Reassembly of cattle immune gene clusters for quantitative analysis
1005543 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Augustine, D. J. Augustine,David Justin AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CO Adaptive Grazing Management to Sustain Multiple Ecosystem Services in Rangeland Ecosystems
1005670 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lunney, J. K. Lunney,Joan K AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD US-UK Collaborative: Swine Immune Toolkit: Development of new immune reagents for swine health, vaccine and disease studies
1005750 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Faris, J. D. Faris,Justin D. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SD Characterization Of Genes Governing Sensitivity To Necrotrophic Effectors Produced By Necrotrophic Pathogens In Wheat
1007153 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Donovan, D. M. Donovan,David M. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Conference Grant to support attendance of Junior scientists and underpriveledged groups at the first ever International Necrotic Enteritis
1007216 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Evett, S. R. Evett,Steven Roy AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SD Increasing Crop Water Use Efficiency Through SCADA Control of Variable Rate Irrigation Systems Using Plant and Soil Sensor Feedback
1007256 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT McHugh, T. H. McHugh,Tara H. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Blow Spinning of Agricultural-Based Nanofibers for Value-Added Agricultural Applications