Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022606 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Budak, H. Budak,Hikmet MONTANA BIOAGRICULTURE INC. MT Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi for control of wheat stem sawfly and Fusarium head blight
1022851 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Buelow, R. Buelow,Roger JUST GREENS, LLC NY Ratooning for Increased Yield and Reduced Waste
0221806 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Burke, D. A. Burke, D. A. Environmental Energy and Engineering Company WA Ammonia Recovery and Biomethane Production from Concentrated Manure
1020165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cai, J. Cai,Jason NOVOREACH TECHNOLOGIES LLC MI Novel Adsorbent Materials for Wastewater Treatment
1022604 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Campbell, J. E. Campbell,Jeff Erle GROGURU, INC. CA Improvements in a Wireless Telemetry System in Support of Precision Agriculture
1022806 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carpenter, G. Carpenter,Guy BEAR FIBER, INC. NC US Hemp Fiber Produced for Domestic and Export Textile Markets
0206679 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carraway, D. T. Carraway, D. T. DANIMER SCIENTIFIC, LLC GA Creation of Cost Competitive Biodegradable Films from Renewable Resources for Agriculture
0211427 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carraway, D. Carraway,Daniel DANIMER SCIENTIFIC, LLC GA Creation of Cost Competitive Biodegradable Films from Renewable Resources for Agriculture
0211420 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carter, M. T. Carter, M. T. ELTRON RESEARCH INCORPORATED CO Ammonia Point Sensor for Intensive Livestock Operations
0196222 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cassidy, B. G. Cassidy, B. G. DNA Solutions, Inc. OK Allelic Ladders for Standardization of STR Genotyping of White-Tailed Deer
0221727 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cernauskas, I. Cernauskas,Irvin Irv & Shely's Fresh Picks IL Most efficient ways to aggregate, store, pack and ship local food from farms to regional centers: Illinois Pilot Project
0196382 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chapas, R. B. Chapas, R. B. Cara Plastics DE Novel Affordable Composites from Renewable Resources
0210149 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chatterjee, R. Chatterjee, R. FARASIS ENERGY, INC. CA Biofuels Production from Hemicellulose
1024206 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chavez, R. D. Chavez,Robert Dalton OMNIVIS INC IN COVID-19 Rapid Response: A Handheld Diagnostic Device for COVID-19 in Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities
0221767 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cheetham, R. M. Cheetham, R. C. AZAVEA, INC. PA OpenTreeMap: Tools for Collaborative Urban Forestry
1020115 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cheetham, R. Cheetham,Robert AZAVEA, INC. PA Treetective: Using Panoramic, Ground-Level Imagery for Virtual Tree Inventories
1022885 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chinta, S. P. Chinta,Satya Prabhakar FORESIGHT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, INC. CA Novel Peptides for Controlling Invasive Pest Ants
0196403 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chowdhury, H. Chowdhury, H. TECHNOVA CORPORATION MI Chemical-Resistant Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Incorporating Bio-Based Ion Exchangers Derived from Agricultural Residues and Starches
0200667 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Christy, C. D. Christy, C. D. VERIS TECHNOLOGIES KS In-Situ Application of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy to Soils
0196305 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Clarke, J. M. Clarke, J. M. Nomadics, Inc. OK Polymeric Amplification for Rapid L. Monocytogenes Detection
0196389 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Clouthier, S. Clouthier, S. MAINE BIOTEK, INC. ME Recombinant ISA Virus Vaccine
0196182 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Colgan, R. Colgan, R. TNC2 INDUSTRIES, INC. ID Small Crawler Tractor for Wildfire Management and Control
0199751 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bost, G. A. Colmenares, Carlton The Village Botanica, Inc. TX Studies of Flavonoid Colorants in Food Products Developed From Hibiscus Blossoms
0218064 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Murante, R. S. Connolly, D. M. INTEGRATED NANO-TECHNOLOGIES NY Rapid, In-Field Method for Genomic-Based Identification of BVDV
0196429 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Copeland, L. O. Copeland, L. O. Smith, Adams & Associates, L.L.C. MI Evaluating Methods for Successful Establishment of Native Warm Season Grasses in the Great Lakes Region for use as a Fiber Source....
1024332 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cornish, K. Cornish,Katrina ENERGYENE INC. OH GRIPS: Guayule Radiation-Attenuation Innovative Gloves as a Price-Effective Route to Natural Rubber Security
1024024 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT cox, P. cox,paul MAGIC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, LLC AL COVID-19 Rapid Response: TELE Case Assessment Response Engine ICU (TELECARE-ICU)
0210025 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Frear, C. S. Craig Frear BIOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES WA Moving baffle for improving solids transport and reducing labor costs and phosphorous discharge in aquaculture raceways
0213628 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Crawford, M. J. Crawford, M. I. DIVERGENCE, INC. MO Novel and Effective Agrochemicals Derived From the Analysis of Molecular Fields