Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196402 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Prokop, A. Prokop, A. Rhizoma Corporation AL Foam Fractionation of the Sweet Potato into High-Value Products
0196403 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chowdhury, H. Chowdhury, H. TECHNOVA CORPORATION MI Chemical-Resistant Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Incorporating Bio-Based Ion Exchangers Derived from Agricultural Residues and Starches
0196404 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hood, E. E. Hood, E. E. PRODIGENE, INC. TX Cellulases for Biomass Conversion from the Transgenic Maize Production System
0196425 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zimmerman, D. Zimmerman, D. PRAXIS STRATEGY GROUP ND Facilitating Rural-Urban Trade and Technology Flows
0196426 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Okimoto, N. Okimoto, N. PACIFIC PARADISE ORCHIDS HI Coordinated Production and Marketing System for Flowering Orchid Plants
0196429 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Copeland, L. O. Copeland, L. O. Smith, Adams & Associates, L.L.C. MI Evaluating Methods for Successful Establishment of Native Warm Season Grasses in the Great Lakes Region for use as a Fiber Source....
0196430 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Theriault, G. Theriault, G. BEN-CAP, LLC WY Encapsulated Bentonite for Abandoned Well Sealing
0196433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Whitbeck, G. L. Whitbeck, G. L. Soy Pectin, Inc. AR Soy Pectin, Nutraceutical and Food Additive of the Future
0196544 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Klimpel, K. Klimpel, K. Aqua Bounty Farms, Inc. CA Reproductive Confinement of Channel Catfish with Transgenic Sterilization
0196922 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arney, J. D. Arney, J. D. FOREST BIOMETRICS MT Maintaining and Using the Forest Biometrics Research Database
0196944 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mather, C. M. Etches, R. J. ORIGEN THERAPEUTICS CA Production of High-Grade Germline Chimeras for Genetic Manipulation of Chickens
0197016 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hale, C. S. Hale, C. S. FUTURE SEGUE NM Solar Powered Bilateral Virtual Fencing Using Global Positioning System Technology & Animal Behavior for Controlling Free-Ranging Animals
0197115 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fletcher, K. E. Dan Holcombe OREGON SOIL CORP. OR Suppression of Plant Diseases, Nematode, and Arthropod Pests by Vermicomposts and Weed Seeds and Human Pathogens
0197463 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ramey, D. E. RAMEY, D. E. ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY, INC. OH Extractive Fermentation for Production of Lactic Acid from Corn Starch by Filamentous Fungi Immobilized in Fibrous Bed Bioreactor
0199506 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chen, S. Shawn Chen Ibis Therapeutics CA A New Technology for the Rapid Detection and Quantification of Microorganisms in Food
0199510 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shi, H. Ruggiero, B. FUTURAGENE, INC. IN Enhanced Salt Tolerance of Tomato
0199513 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Powers, D. Duane Powers HAWKINS AND POWERS AVIATION, INC. WY Computer Controlled Automatic Loading Water Bucket System for Aerial Firefighting
0199521 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Milburn, D. H. David Milburn Financial Systems Consultants, Inc. Attn: David Milburn VA Design an Automated Agricultural Trade Network to Support All Stakeholders in the Export/Import Process and Increase Small Business Exports
0199524 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Drukier, A. K. Drukier, A. K. BioTraces, Inc. VA Improved Methods for Prion Detection
0199529 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT De Mars, A. De Mars, A. SPIRIT LAKE CONSULTING, INC. ND Computer-Integrated Staff Training for Care of Persons with Disabilities/Health Impairments
0199531 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schlager, K. J. Schlager, K. J. HierComm, Inc. WI Broadband Telecommunications for Rural America
0199536 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Napolean, S. Napoean, S. LOHEA AUDIO HI High Value Products from Molokai Seaweed: A New Enterprise for Coastal Hawaiians
0199537 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Snedden, J. Snedden, J. UNICEP PACKAGING, INC. ID Incorporation of Applicator into a Modified Blow, Fill and Seal Unit-Dose Vial
0199538 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kreitzer, W. Kreitzer, W. Advanced Biotechnology Inc. IL Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoon (eggs) Viability Studies for Sustainable Soil Management
0199615 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Smith, R. H. Smith, R. H. KELSEY CREEK LABORATORIES WA In-vitro Germination of Cypripedium Montanum Seeds and Protocorm Propagation
0199636 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ricks, C. A. Ricks, C. A. EMBREX, INC. NC Enhancement of Early Development in Turkeys by in Ovo Feeding
0199683 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Van Eaton, V. E. Heath Van Eaton Heartland BioComposites, LLC WY Market Development for Wood Substitute Composites Made from Agriculture Biomasses and Recycled Plastics
0199684 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fidric, B. G. Steve Sanders Picarro, Inc. CA Ultrasensitive Ethylene Sensors for Horticultural Product Protection
0199699 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rodriguez, R. Rodriguez, R. Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Inc NC The Inflammatory Cell Differential Counter, A New Tool to Combat Mastitis On-Site
0199709 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nelson, B. S. Nelson, B. S. BouMatic WI Testing the Efficacy of a Novel Lameness Detection System in Commercial Dairy Herds