Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196110 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kinkel, D. H. Kinkel, D. H. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Use of E-Mentoring, Job Shadowing, and Professional Conferences in a Structured Approach to Career Awareness, Explorartion, and Development
0210669 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wangberg, J. K. Wangberg, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY USDA National Awards Program and Regional Teaching Workshops for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agri...
0199366 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wangberg, J. Wangberg, J. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY USDA Education Programs - CSREES
0196115 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lorence, R. Lorence, R. COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA USDA Diversity Recruitment and Retention
0204129 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Garza, N. R. Nora R. Garza LAREDO COMMUNITY COLLEGE TX USDA - Texas Hispanic-Serving Institutions Consortium
0204425 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Furumoto, W. A. Warren Furumoto California State University, Northridge CA Urban Agricultural Initiative
0205530 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cohen, N. L. Cohen, N. L. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA University of Massachusetts Amherst Multicultural Nutrition Scholars Program
0205531 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Foltz, J. C. Foltz, J. C. UNIV OF IDAHO ID University of Idaho College of Agriculture Multicultural Scholars Program
0196815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hashimoto, A. G. Hashimoto, A. G. UNIV OF HAWAII HI University of Hawai'i Agribusiness Education, Training and Incubator Project
0203638 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hansen, P. J. Hansen, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL University Of Florida Graduate Program in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology
0205558 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Graham, D. L. Graham, D. L. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR University of Arkansas Multicultural Scholars Program
0203954 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Broyles, A. Agnew, W. W. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND United Tribes Technical College's Enhancing Nutrition Education
0210722 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Paetz, K. M. Paetz, K. M. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND United Tribes Technical College Extension Program
0207798 TERMINATED SERD GRANT HARPER, K. L. Harper,Katherine WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Unifying Cross Disciplinary Genomic Platforms Using Model Genetic Organisms for Teaching Biotechnology
0201288 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nimmakayala, P. Nimmakayala, P. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Understanding the Simplicity of DNA Sequence and Jugglery of Gene Mapping: A New Paradigm for Biology Education
0204128 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Houk, E. Eric Houk CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-STANISLAUS CA Underrepresented Students in Agricultural Studies: Strengthening the 2+2 Transfer Model Through Recruitment and Retention
0203714 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Barrick, R. K. Barrick, R. K. UNIV OF ILLINOIS IL Undergraduate Student Leadership Development
0200294 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schmidt, C. J. Schmidt, C. J. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Undergraduate Experimental Learning in Agriculture: Genomics and Bioinformatics
0203629 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Handelsman, J. Handelsman, J. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Undergraduate Cohort Program: Attracting and Retaining Minority Students to Agricultural Research
0210392 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sandoval, R. Ayers,Stacey S. SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Undergraduate Biotechnolgy Engagement Track
0195054 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Goodwin, J. K. Goodwin, J. K. UNIV OF NORTH DAKOTA ND UND Multicultural Scholars Into Dietetics Program
0205547 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Goodwin, J. K. Goodwin, J. K. UNIV OF NORTH DAKOTA ND UND Multicultural Scholars into Dietetics Program
0206982 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Korn, H. Korn, Howard, H. ULSTER BOCES NY Ulster BOCES/SUNY Delhi Partnership Developing and Implementing Turf Management Bridge Program
0195807 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Senne-Duff, B. C. Senne-Duff, B. C. University of the Incarnate Word TX UIW Multicultural Scholars in Nutrition Program
0196252 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Short-Azure, M. Short-Azure, M. TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Turtle Mountain Community College Youth Development Extension Project
0210320 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smith, T. J. Theodore J. Smith Trinidad State Junior College, Valley Campus CO TSJC Fish Processing Project
0210391 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rankin, R. L. Rankin, R. L. TRINIDAD STATE JUNIOR COLLEGE CO TSJC Associate of Science Transfer Program Improvements
0204791 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Naczi, R. Naczi, R. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Tropical Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Conservation in Belize
0210095 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. M. Van Lopik, W. M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Tribal Colleges Sustainability Indicators Research Project
0210773 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sullivan, L. LaVerne Sullivan CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Tribal College Extension Services - Increase Extension Capacity Projects