Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0215539 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nahashon, S. N. Nahashon,Samuel N. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Training in Information Technologies to Enhance Agricultural Instruction, Research and Outreach
0214842 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bullock, F. D. Bullock, F. D. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Training in the areas of conservation and environmental stewardship, farm safety, bio-security issues, and financial and risk management
0208833 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dekkers, J. C. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Training in the Development and Application of Quantitative Methods and Tools for Animal Genomics
0222808 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Running, S. Nicky Phear UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA MT Training Leaders in Climate Change and Natural Resources through Experiential and Field-Based Learning
0216955 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krishnaswamy FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL Training Multicultural Undergraduate Scholars in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Florida International University
1002814 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kerr, W. L. Kerr,William UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Training National Needs Fellows to Produce Healthier Foods
1006797 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Training new plant breeding leaders for a changing world
1000861 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS BOATENG, J. A. Boateng,JUDITH A ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Training of Minority Students in Nutrigenomics
0203646 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Loria, R. Loria, R. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Training Ph.D. Scientists to Decipher the Genomes of Plant Pathogenic Microbes
0212516 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Talbert, L. E. Talbert, L. E. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Training Plant Breeders for the 21st Century
0212523 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, W. Thompson, W. FOOD & AGRICULTURAL POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE MO Training Program for the Emerging Bio-economy
1010647 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. Lee,Jung-lim DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Training program to improve grant writing skills and enhance opportunity for successful NIFA award.
1006678 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conant, R. Conant,Richard COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Training the first generation of greenhouse gas accounting professionals
1015134 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ileleji, K. Ileleji,Klein PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the Next Generation of Leaders for a Transforming Grain Industry
1002324 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cherian, G. Cherian,Gita OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Training the Next Generation of Scientists for the Systems Biology Era in Animal Production
0227801 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rohr, J. Rohr,Jason UNIV OF SOUTH FLORIDA FL Training the next generation of under-represented and cross-disciplinary scholars at the frontiers of agricultural
1004553 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Egnin, M. EGNIN,MARCELINE TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Training The Next Generation Y of Agricultural Professionals and Farmers Through Molecular Genetics And Breeding Curricula
1005315 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reed, D. Reed,Dave N F O INC IA Training, Developing, and Mentoring Beginning Organic and Conventional Dairy and Feed Producers
1010033 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reed, D. Reed,Dave N F O INC IA Training, Developing, and Mentoring Beginning Organic Dairy and Feed Producers
0223825 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gibson, S. M. Bower, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Training, Evaluation and Technical Support for the Army Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Program
1012074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jiang, G. Jiang,Guo-Liang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Trait Characterization and Germplasm Development of Edamame and Dual-Purpose Specialty Soybean
1004277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Manoharan, M. Manoharan,Muthusamy UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Transcriptome Analysis and Genome Wide Association Studies in Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam)
0232414 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schalinske, K. Schalinske,Kevin IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Transdisciplinary Graduate Training Program in Childhood Obesity using a Socio-economic Model
1000244 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fiese, B. H. Fiese,Barbara UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention Program - Undergraduate (TOPP-U)
0227322 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dille, J. A. Dille,Johanna (Anita) Adriana KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Transfer Student BRIDGE - Bridging Relationships to Internships and Diverse Group Experiences
0223608 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zimmerman, J. Zimmerman,Julie YALE UNIVERSITY CT Transformation of lignin into building blocks for protective coatings
0230493 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guy, T. N. Guy,Thurman Norris NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Transformational Learning:Promoting Students` Success thru the Professional Development Engagement Plan(PDEP) & Active Learning Experiences
1003561 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kahn-Thornbrugh, C. C. Montes-Helu,Mario Cesar Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Transforming Agriculture and Natural Resources for a Sustainable Tomorrow II
0230467 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Srivastava, P. Srivastava,Puneet AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Transforming Biology-Based Engineering Education Using a Hybrid Pedagogical Approach