Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0229821 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fahrenkrug, S. C. Fahrenkrug,Scott Christopher Recombinetics, Inc. MN TALEN-mediated chromosome targeting for monosexing and genetic containment in livestock
0222294 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vellidis, G. VELLIDIS,GEORGE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA TAPAC - the TransAtlantic Precision Agriculture Consortium
1003876 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dunham, R. Dunham,Rex AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Targeted Gene Knockout of Reproductive Genes of Catfish with Hormone Therapy to Restore Fertility
0230185 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Menalled, F. Menalled,Fabian MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Targeted grazing to reduce tillage: Environmental, ecological, and economic assessment of reintegrating animal and crop production
1008974 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stelinski, K. S. Stelinski,Kirsten Suzanne UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Targeting Microbes to Control Huanglongbing Disease of Citrus
0208030 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shea, P. J. Shea, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Targeting Watershed Vulnerability and Behaviors Leading to Adoption of Conservation Management Practices
0225939 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wattiaux, M. A. Wattiaux,Michel A UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Teaching and Learning in the Animal Sciences A National Effort to Challenge Assumptions and ESTABLISH New Foundations for the 21st Century
0207741 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Antonious, G. F. Antonious,George Fouad KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Teaching and Mentoring KSU Students for Careers in Environmental Science & Bioremediation Techniques
0222497 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS schumacher, C. S. Wetsit,Lawrence FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Teaching Competencies in Agriculture Sciences on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
0211536 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Afrasiabi, Z. Afrasiabi, Z. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Teaching Innovation Using Personal Response System
0225893 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harder, A. M. Harder,Amy Marie UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Teaching Locally, Engaging Globally: Increasing Undergraduates` Knowledge of International Dimensions
1008631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stedman, N. L. Stedman,Nicole LaMee Perez UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Teaching Locally, Engaging Globally: Creating a Community of Global Thinking Fellows
0218233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roberts, T. G. Roberts,Thomas Grady UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Teaching Locally, Engaging Globally: Enhancing the Undergraduate Curriculum
0229256 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tanaka, J. Tanaka,John UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach: Education in Rangeland Ecology and Management
0215562 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Knowles, C. D. Knowles,Christopher David OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Team-oriented graduate training in forest resources utilization and advanced forest-based products marketing
0208024 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Adegoke, M. O. Adegoke, M. O. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Tech. & Collaboration Approaches to Recruitment & Retention of Students to Enhance the Clothing, Textiles & Fashion Merchandising Curriculum
0214503 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Essel, A. E. Essel, A. E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Technical Assistance and Outreach for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in Delaware
0228335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coffee, A. Coffee,Aubrey CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Technical College Scholars for Food Science Careers
1024346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ramer-Tait, A. Ramer-Tait,Amanda UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Techniplast ISOcage P gnotobiotic mouse housing to accelerate microbiome discoveries at the nexus of agricultural and biomedical research
0190921 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tao, B. Tao, B. Y. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Technology Development, Transfer, and Marketing of Industrial Products for Rural Communities
1000860 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. C. Warren,Tamara C ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Technology Enhancing Exercise and Nutrition (TEEN) Program
0225332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mukherjee, M. Mukherjee,Mitrajit EXELUS INC. NJ Technology to Enable Production of Biofuels from Energy Crops (R&D Project)
0203154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, R. L. Elliott, R. L. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Technology Transfer Project
0207907 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elliott, R. L. Elliott, R. L. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Technology Transfer Project
1021809 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lubbers, B. Lubbers,Brian KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Telemedicine Vignettes as a Platform to Enhance the Quantity and Diversity of Clinical Case Exposure for Veterinary Students
0223775 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Broughton,S Broughton,Shirley WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION WA Telephone Coaching to Improve Diabetes Self-Management for Rural Residents
1000706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Compton, B. Compton,Brian NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Telling the story of the land: revitalizing traditional plant knowledge and harvest with a view toward sustainability
0215352 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rector, N. Rector, N. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Ten Upper Midwest States Extension Staff Teaming up for Water Quality for Small and Medium Livestock Farms
1013099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Prather, T. G. Dugger,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Beginning Farmers Outreach Project
0225929 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burden, R. W. Burden,Ray W. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Flood Recovery Project