Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0208135 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Todd, E. C. Todd, E. C. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Controlling Listeria: Working Towards International Harmonization
1004585 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Todd, J. Todd,Jim AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Support for 2014 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Professional Improvement Conference, Mobile, AL (July 20-24, 2014)
0211465 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Todey, D. P. Todey, D. P. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Adoption-Outreach of Agricultural Water Conservation Strategies in a Sub-Humid Urban Area
1007437 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toews, M. Toews,Michael UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Design and implementation of qualitative data networks
1020827 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tohme, A. Tohme,Allison CENTRAL LOUISIANA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE LA Systematic Capacity Building For Rural Farmers Markets: Incentivizing Customers, Vendors, And Leaders
1007963 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toldeo, J. U. Toldeo,Jose Ulises WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Creating an Agriculture Incubator for Education in Southern WV
0215042 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Toledo,Jose Ulises WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Strengthening New and Existing Research and Extension Programming Through the 1890 Facilities Program
1000544 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Toledo,Jose Ulises WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV West Virginia State University`s Annual Plan of Work - FY 2017
1004399 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toledo, J. U. Toledo,Jose Ulises WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Building Capacity of Cold Storage Resources and Technical Assistance for Small and Urban Farmers in West Virginia ??? A Pilot Program
0208987 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tolin, S. A. Tolin, S. A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA A Standardized, Practical Method for Detecting Legume and Soybean Viruses for the PIPE Program
1006156 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toliver, T. A. Toliver,Trudy A FARMERS MARKET FUND OR Oregon SNAP Incentive Program
0218299 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, T. G. Tom Johnson UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO International Comparative Rural Policy Program
0200706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, T. Tom Phillips OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Vacuum for Post Harvest Disinfestation of Insects from Durable and Fresh Commodities
0224050 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. Tomandl, III, J. GrassWorks, Inc. WI GrassWorks Formal Apprenticeship Program: A Pilot Project for Training Beginning Farmers
0225683 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. Tomandl,Joseph GrassWorks, Inc. WI GrassWorks Apprenticeship Program: Career Paths for Beginning Farmers
1005316 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. Tomandl,Joseph GrassWorks, Inc. WI Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship: A National Program for Training New Dairy Farmers
1013053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. T. Tomandl,Joseph DAIRY GRAZING APPRENTICESHIP, INC. WI Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship: Building Capacity, Curriculum, and Partnerships for Nationwide Work-Based Training of Beginning Dairy Farmers
0222879 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomich, T. P. Tomich,Thomas P UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A partnership model for recruiting nontraditional and underrepresented high school students into sustainability degree programs
1016381 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toms, C. Toms,Cynthia FOUNDATION FOR SANTA BARBARA CITY COLLEGE CA Santa Barbara County Multi-Campus College Student Food Insecurity Planning Project
0218835 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stokes, S. E. Tony Brown FARMER'S LEGAL ACTION GROUP MN Minnesota Hmong Farmer Outreach Project
0230015 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toohey-Kurth, K. L. Toohey-Kurth,Kathy UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI NAHLN WI:2015
0215995 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tootle, D. M. Tootle, D. M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Disaster Resilient Communities
0225958 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tootle, D. M. Tootle,Deborah M. ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR Arkansas 2011 Flood Recovery Project
0222903 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Torgerson, D. L. Torgerson,Don NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Nebraska Indian Community College Equity Program
0208468 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Torgerson,D,L Torgerson,Don Lee NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE NICC-Native Road Educational Model-Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants Program 2006-2009
0202762 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tormoehlen, R. L. Tormoehlen, R. L. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Cultural Competence and Global Competitiveness: An Educational Approach
0222938 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tormoehlen, R. L. Tormoehlen,Roger Lee PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Enhancing Science Capacity in Introductory Animal, Plant, and Food Sciences Courses
0226679 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Toro-Enriquez, B. Toro-Enriquez,Brenda UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Improved Laboratory Facilities for the UPR-RP Nutrition and Dietetics Program
0223745 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Torres, N. I. Torres, N. I. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Family Resilience Conference Facilities and Registration Coordination