Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014998 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blair, M. W. Blair,Matthew W. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in Transcriptomics and Proteomics to Enhance Teaching in Biotechnology
1015033 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rutto, L. K. Rutto,Laban K. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development Application to Build Capacity in Hops Disease Management and Alternative Production Practices
1015044 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, D. R. Thompson,Dale Robert UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Student Cross-Training Opportunities for Combining Food and Cybersecurity into an Academic Food Systems Education Program
1015072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walston, H. Walston,Herman KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Positive Youth Development: An Afterschool Mentoring Program for African-American and Hispanic Youth
1015073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turner, S. C. Turner,Steven Cornell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS SRDC Base Funding FY 17
1015074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hermond, D. Hermond,Douglas PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Cyber Security Integration for Cooperative Extension Professionals
1015110 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lounsbery, N. Lounsbery,Nicole SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Expanding the Circle: Increasing Access to Graduate Education for Tribal Communities and Colleges
1015134 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ileleji, K. Ileleji,Klein PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the Next Generation of Leaders for a Transforming Grain Industry
1015190 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hottel, B. A. Hottel,Benjamin Andrew FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Increasing Veterinary Acarology Expertise at Florida A&M University
1015207 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Worthen, D. Worthen,Dreamal FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Apalachicola Fire Station Incubator/Accelerator Project
1015289 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hwang, C. Hwang,Chin-Feng MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY MO Building Research and Education Capacities to Strengthen the Black Walnut Breeding Program
1015293 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rayfield, J. S. Rayfield,John Stephen TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Building capacity and meeting the demand: Increasing teacher certification avenues in Agricultural Education
1015303 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McCall, J. McCall,John UNIVERSITY OF WEST ALABAMA AL Partners Against Invasive Species
1015357 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bellows, B. Bellows,Barbara TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Capacity Building for Soil-Plant-Animal Interaction Research and Education
1015362 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Francis, I. M. Francis,Isolde Maria CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA An Integrated Project to Promote Student Interest and Success in Agricultural Sciences through an Applied Microbiological Perspective.
1015501 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, C. Brandon,Dorothy ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Expanding Community-Based Education to Promote Health and Asset Management for Alabama’s Older Adults: A Targeted Approach to Address the Status of Health and Financial Literacy Among Seniors
1015671 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Curtis, P. Curtis,Patricia NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Virtual Chicken: The Digestive Track
1015706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vaughan, B. Vaughan,Barrett TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Food Safety Education and Outreach Program for Small and Socially-Disadvantaged Farmers
1015828 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spreen, C. Spreen,Constance EXPERIMENTAL STATION: 6100 BLACKSTONE, THE IL Link Up Illinois Link Match Statewide Nutrition Incentive Program
1015841 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Haberl, J. Haberl,Jami IOWA HEALTHIEST STATE INITIATIVE IA Expanding Incentives from Farmers Markets to Retail Grocery Stores Project
1015924 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moss, S. C. Moss,Spencer Courtney WEST VIRGINIA FOOD AND FARM COALITION, INC. WV West Virginia SNAP Stretch Program
1015941 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Peters Moschetti, W. Peters Moschetti,Wendy LIVE WELL COLORADO CO Double Up Food Bucks Colorado: Sustainability, Expansion, and Innovation Project
1015942 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckingham, B. Buckingham,Bonnie COMMUNITY FOOD AND AGRICULTURE COALITION MT Advancing the Double SNAP Dollars Collaborative: Building a sustainable platform for healthy food access in Montana
1015976 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simeziane, S. Evers,Jacquelyn LAND CONNECTION FOUNDATION, THE IL Boosting Farmers` Market SNAP Purchases of Fruits and Vegetables Using Strategic Incentives
1016053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodard, H. Woodard,Hollis UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA National Native Bee Health Monitoring Program Scientific Workshop
1016094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hymon-Parker, S. Ahmedna,Mohamed NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancement of Teaching, Research and Extension Facilities at North Carolina A&T State University
1016150 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wyman, C. Cai,Charles The Regents of University of California CA Integrated Biorefinery to Produce Ethanol, High Value Polymers, and Chemicals from Lignocellulosic Biomass
1016277 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoover, K. Hoover,Kelli PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Rapid cycle radio frequency technology for wood packaging materials used in international trade to replace methyl bromide for QPS purposes
1016285 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mathers, B. Mathers,Brian HO-CHUNK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NE HoChunk Harvest Community Foods Implementation Project