Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1013079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brasier, K. J. Brasier,Kathryn Jo PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Connecting Diverse Women Farmers Across the Rural-Urban Divide
1013081 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Donoghue, D. J. Kidd,Michael T. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Beefing Up Livestock, Poultry and Agroforestry Enterprises for Military Veteran Farmers
1013082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SHI, A. Shi,Ainong UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Developing Genetic and Molecular Resources to Improve Spinach Production and Management
1013084 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wolf, Z. Prim,Linda Glynwood Center, Inc. NY Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator: A regional program for growing resilient livestock farmers
1013088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mulder, M. Mulder,Matthew ARCADIA FOOD VA Arcadia`s Veteran Farmer Program
1013089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, S. Simmons,Stephanie Athens Land Trust GA Athens Land Trust Beginning Farmer Development Program
1013090 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rangarajan, A. Rangarajan,Anusuya CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Labor Readiness: Pathways for Farm Workers to Start Up and Advanced Beginners to Scale Up New Farm Businesses
1013096 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Egan, J. F. Egan,John Franklin PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE PA Growing a Community of Sustainable, Grass-Based Dairy Farmers in the mid-Atlantic through Formal Apprenticeship
1013097 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Owensby, K. Pulver,Robin ORANGE COUNTY PARTNERSHIP FOR YOUNG CHILDREN NC Increasing independence and income for Asian refugee farmers in North Carolina
1013099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Prather, T. G. Dugger,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee Beginning Farmers Outreach Project
1013100 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Terry, K. Terry,Kathlyn APPALACHIAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT VA Building a Regional Coalition in the Heart of Appalachia to Enhance Beginning Farmer Education with Experience in the Field
1013104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS AYRES, T. L. AYRES,TABITHA LYNN SHAWNEE RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT AREA INC IL From Orange to Green Equipping Offenders with the Skills to Enter the New Urban Agriculture Economy
1013107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SHIRMOHAMMADI, A. Srivastava,Puneet UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Collaboration and Support for Sustainable Agriculture
1013111 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cecchini, A. R. Cecchini,Allison Renee FIRST GENERATION FARMERS CA First Generation Farmers: Developing a Beginning Farmer Incubator to Teach Strategies for Farming on the Urban-Edge
1013129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Romero-Briones, V. A. Francke,Jackie FIRST NATIONS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE CO Business Development with Native American Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Arizona
1013137 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jerkins, D. Jerkins,Diana ORGANIC FARMING RESEARCH FOUNDATION CA Organic Agriculture Soil Health Research Symposium
1013142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Knapp, S. J. Knapp,Steven J UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Next-Generation Disease Resistance Breeding and Management Solutions for Strawberry
1013162 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Plummer, P. J. Plummer,Paul J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving the Prevention, Management and Treatment of Lameness on Organic Dairy Farms
1013166 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shade, J. Shade,Jessica ORGANIC CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PROMOTION VT Organic Confluences Conference: Evaluating and advancing knowledge transfer in organic
1013169 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Joannides, J. Joannides,Jan RENEWING THE COUNTRYSIDE II MN Integrated Solutions to Achieve Farmland Access for New Farmers
1013170 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Project for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1013179 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SILVA, E. M. SILVA,ERIN M UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Organic Grain Resources and Information Network (OGRAIN): Growing with beginning organic grain farmers in the Upper Midwest
1013184 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stephens, J. L. Stephens,Jennie L. CENTER FOR HEIRS PROPERTY PRESERVATION SC Lowcountry Sustainable Forestry African American Land Retention Program
1013185 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Curtis, K. Curtis,Kynda UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Expanding Farming Systems and Marketing Opportunities for Refugee and Native American Farmers in the Mountain West
1013193 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sajovec Altshul, K. Sajovec Altshul,Katarina AJO CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AZ "Growing Our Own": A New Sonoran Desert Farmers Incubator Program" pilots a community-based collaborative approach to increasing the number and capacity of beginning farmers in Ajo, Arizona.
1013202 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pitesky, M. Pitesky,Maurice UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Free-Range & Pastured Poultry Training & Outreach Innovation Hub for Beginning Farmers in California & Oregon
1013231 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sandberg, T. Thompson,Katrina KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OF FOOD BANKS, INC. KY Farms to Food Banks Capacity-Building Project
1013237 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Isom, S. C. Isom,S. Clay UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Economic and environmental sustainability of heifer development strategies in pasture-based organic dairy systems
1013245 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Theriault, E. Theriault,Elizabeth COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA-STATE BOARD OF HEALTH VA Richmond Healthy Corner Store Initiative Expansion Project
1013265 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Starkweather, K. Fraas,Wyatt CENTER FOR RURAL AFFAIRS NE Nebraska Statewide and Regional Food Policy Council Planning