Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1013012 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Li, Y. Li,Yuzhi UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Integrated Research and Extension Planning - Organic Swine
1013016 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ugarte, C. Ugarte,Carmen M. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Participatory Breeding and Testing Networks: A Maize Based Case Study for Organic Systems
1013022 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zidenberg-Cherr, S. Steinberg,Francene M UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Training Program
1013023 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Beyer, D. M. Beyer,David Meigs PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Collaborative Research and Extension Network Addressing Challenges for Sustainable Organic Mushroom Production
1013024 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moyer, J. Moyer,Jeffrey RODALE INSTITUTE PA Organic Farming Program
1013028 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krish FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL A Foundation for New Farmers in South Florida: Training and Transitioning Farmworkers and Veterans into Farmers and Nursery Growers
1013030 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Metzger, S. Oppelt,Peter AGRICULTURE, KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF KS Service Member Agricultural Vocation Education (SAVE) A Pathway to Farming for Transitioning Service Members and Veterans
1013031 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Knox, R. Knox,Reggie CALIFORNIA FARMLINK CA Land Access, Capital Readiness, and Marketing: A Collaborative Training Program to Sustain Beginning Farmers in Years 4 to 10
1013032 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pinero, J. C. Eivazi,Frieda LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Scale-Appropriate Strategies: Cover Crop-Based No-till Systems for Small Vegetable Farmers
1013036 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, D. Byrne,David TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development and Validation of Genetic Analytical Tools for Polyploid Crop Plants
1013038 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chapin, E. Chapin,Ela VERMONT HOUSING & CONSERVATION BOARD VT Accelerating Farmland Access in Vermont
1013041 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bauske, E. M. Bauske,Ellen M UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Engaging Stakeholders and Scientists in Multi-State Trans-disciplinary Collaborations to Promote Systems-Based Extension Research on Gardens
1013045 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Endelman, J. B. Endelman,Jeffrey B UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI High-throughput Sensing for Potato Production and Breeding
1013046 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mota-Sanchez, D. Mota-Sanchez,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI La Cosecha (the Harvest): Increasing the sustainability of first and next generation Latino farmers
1013053 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomandl, J. T. Tomandl,Joseph DAIRY GRAZING APPRENTICESHIP, INC. WI Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship: Building Capacity, Curriculum, and Partnerships for Nationwide Work-Based Training of Beginning Dairy Farmers
1013060 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reisch, B. I. Reisch,Bruce I. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY VitisGen2: Application of Next Generation Technologies to Accelerate Grapevine Cultivar Development
1013061 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mahoney, L. L. Mahoney,Lise UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Advancing the development of seed-propagated hybrid varieties in strawberry for organic agriculture
1013070 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chanin, R. B. Chanin,Robin Beth GLOBAL GROWERS NETWORK INC GA Global Growers Farmer Development Initiative
1013072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lubberstedt, T. Lubberstedt,Thomas IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Accelerating Corn Elite Selections (ACES) Organic Breeding Program: Novel Strategies to Develop Field & Sweet Corn For Organic Producers
1013074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lapine, C. Lapine,Craig CULTIVATING COMMUNITY ME Increasing, Incubating, and Scaling-Up Businesses of New American and Veteran Farmers in Maine
1013076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hayes, P. Hayes,Patrick OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Developing Multi-use Naked Barley for Organic Farming Systems
1013077 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhao, X. Zhao,Xin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Adapting and Expanding High Tunnel Organic Vegetable Production for the Southeast
1013078 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Watkins, E. Watkins,Eric UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Increasing Low-Input Turfgrass Adoption Through Breeding, Innovation, and Public Education
1013079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brasier, K. J. Brasier,Kathryn Jo PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Connecting Diverse Women Farmers Across the Rural-Urban Divide
1013081 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Donoghue, D. J. Kidd,Michael T. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Beefing Up Livestock, Poultry and Agroforestry Enterprises for Military Veteran Farmers
1013082 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS SHI, A. Shi,Ainong UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Developing Genetic and Molecular Resources to Improve Spinach Production and Management
1013084 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wolf, Z. Prim,Linda Glynwood Center, Inc. NY Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator: A regional program for growing resilient livestock farmers
1013088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mulder, M. Mulder,Matthew ARCADIA FOOD VA Arcadia`s Veteran Farmer Program
1013089 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, S. Simmons,Stephanie Athens Land Trust GA Athens Land Trust Beginning Farmer Development Program