Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1004704 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grogan, K. A. Grogan,Kelly A. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Innovative Policies to Optimize the Allocation of Water Quality and Conservation Investments and Maximize Multiple Benefits
1004822 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morgan, K. T. Morgan,Kelly T UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Smart Phone Apps: Scientific Validation Quantification of Water Conservation
1004936 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leppla, N. C. Leppla,Norman C UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Delivering Effective, Sustainable IPM for Specialty Crops: A Priority of the University of Florida IPM Program
1005515 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ehsani, R. J. Ampatzidis,Yiannis UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Steam-generated Supplementary Heat Thermotherapy as an Immediate Treatment for Prolonging Productivity of HLB-infected Citrus Trees
1005557 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, E. G. Johnson,Evan G UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Zinkicide A Nanotherapeutic for HLB
1005575 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lorca, G. L. Lorca,Graciela L UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A novel antimicrobial approach to combat Huanglongbing disease
1005657 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gmitter, F. G. Gmitter,Frederick G UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Determining the Roles of Candidate Genes in Citrus-HLB Interactions and Creating HLB-resistant Citrus Cultivars
1005910 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weeks, E. N. Weeks,Emma N. I. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Sustainable IPM Strategy for the Invasive Aquatic Weed Hydrilla
1006430 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dubeux, JO. Dubeux,Jose Carlos UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Strengthening U.S. graduate education in agricultural sciences through international research focused on managing water scarcity in diverse
1007441 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chase, C. A. Chase,Carlene Ann UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Sustainable Organic Strawberry (SOS) Cropping Systems for the Southeast
1007470 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, S. Zhang,Shouan UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Integrated management of Tomato chlorotic spot virus, an emerging tospovirus threatening tomato production in the eastern United States
1007532 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kenworthy, K. E. Kenworthy,Kevin E UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Persistence, Survival, and Recovery of Warm-Season Turfgrass for Sustainable Urban Landscapes Under Limited Irrigation and Long-Term Drought
1007583 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ploetz, R. C. Rollins,Jeffrey A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Laurel wilt of avocado: Management of an unusual and lethal disease.
1007630 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vallad, G. E. Vallad,Gary Edward UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Limiting Losses to bacterial spot through knowledge of global pathogen diversity, improved seed health, novel bactericides & tomato breeding
1007735 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Danyluk, M. D. Danyluk,Michelle D UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Southern Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance Center to Enhance Produce Safety
1008071 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vallad, G. E. Vallad,Gary Edward UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The final transition: Implementation of supplemental fumigation strategies to sustain Florida`s small fruit and vegetable production systems
1008631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stedman, N. L. Stedman,Nicole LaMee Perez UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Teaching Locally, Engaging Globally: Creating a Community of Global Thinking Fellows
1008689 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richter, B. S. Richter,Brantlee Spakes UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Assessing Concepts, Skills, and Employer Expectations for Improvement of Plant Pathology Foundation Courses and Curriculum
1008770 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vickroy, T. W. Vickroy,Thomas W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) Program: University of Florida Component
1008974 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stelinski, K. S. Stelinski,Kirsten Suzanne UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Targeting Microbes to Control Huanglongbing Disease of Citrus
1009017 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gabriel, D. W. Gabriel,Dean W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development new therapies for Huanglongbing via culturing Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus
1009942 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Harmon, C. L. Harmon,Carrie Lapaire UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Southern Plant Diagnostic Network
1010416 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Connelly, C. R. Telg,Ricky W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Zika Information and Preparedness Campaign
1010455 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhao, X. Zhao,Xin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Partnership to Explore Integrated Systems for Sustainable High Tunnel Organic Vegetable Production in the Southeast Region
1010461 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Vickroy, T. W. Vickroy,Thomas W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) Program: University of Florida Component
1010586 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ahn, S. Ahn,Soohyoun UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Food Safety Hazards And Preventive Control Education For Beginning And Early-Stage Small-Sized Food Entrepreneurs
1010587 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dale, A. G. Dale,Adam G UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Increasing Student Diversity in Food and Agriculture-Related STEM Disciplines throughUndergraduate Classroom-Based Research Experiences
1011465 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Freeman, J. H. Freeman,Joshua H UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Investigating the Potential of Ethanedinitrile as a Replacement for Soil Fumigation with Methyl Bromide
1012148 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grosser, J. W. Grosser,Jude William UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL An Integrated Approach to the Accelerated Development of Rootstocks that Impart HLB Tolerance to Trees Grafted with Commercial Scions