Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0223544 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Copenheaver, C. A. Copenheaver,Carolyn A VA POLY INST & STATE UNIVERSITY VA Inclusive Excellence in Forestry Graduate Programs at Virginia Tech
1020840 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Copenheaver, C. A. Copenheaver,Carolyn A VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Recognizing and Sharing Excellence in Teaching: An Inclusive Approach
0227780 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooper, V. Cooper,Vanessa NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Accessibility and Acceptability of Lummi Local, Native, and Traditional Foods
1004226 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooper, V. Adams,Dionne NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Increasing Wellness in Northwest Tribal Communities through Traditional Foods
1004996 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coop, L. B. Coop,Leonard Bryan OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Medium- and Extended-Range Weather and Climate Forecasts Scaled and Tested for Improved IPM Decision Support In US States
0207726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coon, C. N. Coon, C. N. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR 2006 Poultry Science Association Ancillary Scientists Symposium - Functional Genomics: Building the Bridge Between the Genome and Phenome"
0208130 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooley, D. Cooley, D. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA A Pest Management Program Using Reduced-Risk Pesticides, Eco-Apple Protocols, and Value Added Marketing for NY and New England Growers
1010141 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooke, D. Cooke,David BEREA COLLEGE KY Grow Appalachia`s Promise Zone Project
0219058 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooke, B. L. Bridget Cooke ADELANTE MUJERES OR The Outreach And Technical Assistance For Latino Immigrant Farmer's Project
0223046 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooke, B. Bridget Cooke ADELANTE MUJERES OR Increasing Market Acces for low-income Latino farmers
1002479 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooke, B. Cooke,Bridget ADELANTE MUJERES OR Community in Action: Increasing Access for Low-Income Latino Farmers and Consumers in Washington County, OR
1010796 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cook, N. B. Cook,Nigel B UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Advanced training in dairy cattle well-being to provide different models of veterinary practice in rural America
0222576 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cook, M. K. Cook, M. K. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Integrated Acoustic Assessment Technologies for Optimal Wood Products and Woody Biomass Utilization
0218144 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cook, M. Cook, M. E. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Climate Change Assessment of Menominee Tribal Forest-Based Community
0219747 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Contreras, D. Contreras,Dawn A. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Foodborne norovirus in elder care facilities: an integrated approach to prevention and control
1024051 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Contreras, D. Contreras,Dawn MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Addressing Rural Opioid Misuse in Michigan Through Evidence-Based Health Education, Telehealth, Distance Learning, and Coalitions
1006993 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Contosta, A. Contosta,Alix UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Tradeoffs between soil carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in organic pastures under management intensive grazing
0199484 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Constantz, G. Dewine, J. CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE WV Impacts of Urbanization on Riparian Wetland Plants in West Virgnia
0207149 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Constantz, G. Constantz, G. CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE WV Classification of Wetlands in the Cheat River Basin, WV for Conservation and Restoration Prioritization
1020257 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conner, D. S. Conner,David S. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Enhancing Food Resilience as Disaster Preparedness: The Role of Anchor Institutions Partnerships
1010416 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Connelly, C. R. Telg,Ricky W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Zika Information and Preparedness Campaign
0229040 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conlon, T. Mack,Johnny CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Making the CASE for Agriculture Education in the MWEC Region
0219426 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conley, S. Conley,Shawn UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Advancing Sustainable Disease Management on Field Corn in the U.S. Corn Belt
0230347 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Condrasky, M. Condrasky,Margaret CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC Bundling of Culinology, Nutrition and Packaging in Undergraduate Applied Niche Research
1006678 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Conant, R. Conant,Richard COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Training the first generation of greenhouse gas accounting professionals
1000706 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Compton, B. Compton,Brian NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Telling the story of the land: revitalizing traditional plant knowledge and harvest with a view toward sustainability
1017282 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Comerford, N. Lee,Cheng Sheng UNIV OF HAWAII HI Regional Aquaculture Center - Center of Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture
1027006 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Comeau, R. Comeau,Richard TULSA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OK COVID Relief 2020-70030-33156: Double Up Oklahoma COVID-19 Rapid Relief | Expanding Access to Fruits and Vegetables for Low-income Oklahomans
1004565 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Combs, D. K. Combs,David K UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Using a new in vitro method and fiber model (TTNDFD) to improve estimates of digestibility of alfalfa for dairy cattle
0228449 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Colvin, H. A. Colvin,Howard Allen Cooper Tire & Rubber OH Securing the Future of Natural Rubber - An American tire and bioenergy platform from Guayule