Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1003540 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Racelis, A. Racelis,Alexis Eclevia UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Subtropical Organic Agriculture Research (SOAR) Program: A Participatory Academic Program To Fill Knowledge Gaps for Organic Farmers
1003618 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Castillo Villar, K. Castillo Villar,Krystel UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Opportunities for Higher Education and Research Experience in Renewable Energy and Water Quality to Enable STEM Hispanic Leaders
1003637 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Noveron, J. Noveron,Juan THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO TX I-Discover Program: Collaborative Integration of USDA-based Research in the Advanced Teaching Laboratories of STEAM Majors
1003728 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. Williams,Robert Texas A&M University-Commerce TX Agricultural Courses for Dual Credit (AC/DC)
1003964 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Saucier, P. R. Morrish,Douglas G. TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Southwest Agriculture and Food Security Education: Preparing Future Leaders for a Safe and Secure U.S. Food Supply System
1004026 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patil, B. Patil,Bhimu TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Food Security Educational Partnership: The Intersection of Sustainability, Hunger, Nutrition and Health
1004050 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, A. B. Carson,Laura PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Increasing Student Enrollment in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences
1004064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Holland, K. Holland,Kathryn ALLIANCE OF COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE MINISTRIES, INC. TX ACAM Food Access and Security Planning Grant
1004194 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gao, M. Gao,Ming PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development of Genomic Resources and Tools for Advancing Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) Genomics
1004350 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, D. Byrne,David TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Combatting Rose Rosette Disease: Short and Long Term Approaches
1004351 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. J. Brewer,Michael John TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX An IPM Response to the Invasive Sugarcane Aphid on Sorghum: Developing and Integrating Thresholds, Plant Resistance, and Biocontrol Tactics
1004810 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Irlbeck, E. L. Irlbeck,Erica Lynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer
1004888 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gu, M. Gu,Mengmeng TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Crape Myrtle Bark Scale, a New Exotic Pest
1005455 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lawton, B. C. Lawton,Billy C PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Using the Model Farm Concept
1006016 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. B. Williams,Ryan B TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Enhanced Education and Expanded Research Capabilities though Experimental Economics Laboratories
1006112 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neira, L. Neira,Luz-Myriam SAN ANTONIO FOOD BANK, INC. TX San Antonio SNAP Incentives for Postpartum Mothers
1006133 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ulmer, J. D. Ballou,Michael A TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Conference for Developing a Regional Agricultural Undergraduate Research Consortium
1007005 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chahin, J. Chahin,Jaime TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX NIFA 2015 Grantsmanship Workshop In Texas
1007088 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Madera, J. Madera,Juan UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SYSTEM TX From Internships to Careers: Developing Hispanic Students through a USDA Ambassador Student Program
1007093 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Espiritu, J. F. Espiritu-Nolasco,Jose THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO TX Wheels of Change: A Consortium to Develop Champions in Agriculture in the Areas of Sustainable Energy and Natural Resource Management
1007094 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Castillo Villar, K. Castillo Villar,Krystel UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX BioEnergy And Water for Agriculture Research and Education (BE AWARE) Network
1007096 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS O`Leary, F. A. O`Leary,Fidelma A. ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX The Agricultural-STEM Pipeline: Progressive Experiential Learning Linking Three HSI Academic Tiers (Ag-STEM)
1007098 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bray, A. M. Bray,Alison TEXAS LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY TX Developing Students as Scientists: Redesigning the Undergraduate Experience through Early and Continued Research Experiences
1007099 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mao, Y. Lozano,Karen UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX USDA HSI Collaboration: Integrating Food Science/Engineering and Education Network (IFSEEN)
1007140 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mix, K. Mix,Kenneth TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Boots to Roots: Preparing Female Veteran and Hispanic Veterans in the Agricultural and STEM Degrees
1007148 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morano, L. Morano,Lisa University of Houston-Downtown TX The Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability: New Experiential Learning and Curriculum at UHD
1007289 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bennack, G. Raygoza,Juan M. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX South-West Texas StrikeForce Initiative for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
1007305 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sword, G. Sword,Gregory Alan TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Nutritionally-mediated variation in Helicoverpa zea susceptibility to Bt transgenic crops
1007662 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Braden, K. Branham,Loree ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY TX Enhancing College Readiness and Career Awareness through Enriched Multidisciplinary Agriculture Dual-Credit Courses