Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014217 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cram, D. Cram,Douglas NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Proactive Capacity Building to Prepare Citizens and Communities for Post Fire Challenges
1014235 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buys, D. R. Buys,David Russell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Preventing Opioid Misuse in the SouthEast: the PROMISE Initiative
1014238 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schainker, L. M. Schainker,Lisa M IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Expanding the Evidence-Based PROSPER Delivery System to Address the Opioid Epidemic
1014255 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coleman, L. Coleman,Latoya UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Florida Cooperative Extension Advancing Rural HEALTH Education and Community Action
1014297 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Carroll, J. Carroll,Juliet CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Building a responsive network of integrated pest management applications that supports grower access and communication
1014315 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Graves, A. Graves,Andrea OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Food Safety Training and Assistance for the Cottage Law Home Baker
1014328 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rubenstein, E. D. Rubenstein,Eric D UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA FOREST Initiative: Facilitating Open-dialogue for Regional Environmental Science Teachers
1014332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mawby, H. Mawby,Holly Rose DAKOTA COLLEGE AT BOTTINEAU ND Farm Food Safety for North Dakota Specialty Crop Growers
1014365 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Reddy, C. Reddy,Chandra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Food Safety Modernization Act Outreach And Technical Assistance For Current And Emerging Entrepreneurs
1014368 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gay, D. Lehmann,Christopher M.B. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL National Atmospheric Deposition Program NRSP-3, Coordination & Chemical Analysis
1014403 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Army New Parent Support Program Implementation of Evidence-based Curriculum Project
1014449 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Air Force Medical Operation Agency (AFMOA) Mental Health Division Research Project
1014456 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Curriculum Development & Metrics
1014628 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Searcy, M. J. Searcy,Mary Jennison K UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL National Extension Sustainability Summit
1014660 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Azbell, L. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK Traditional Harvest and Nutrition Experience
1014952 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patterson, G. Patterson,Gilbert Lincoln Memorial University TN Expanding the Boundaries of the Center for Animal Health in Appalachia: A Multi-Institutional Approach to Empowering Rural Veterinarians
1014967 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lasker, G. Lasker,Grace UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Developing Community-Engaged Service Learning and Research Opportunities for Students in FANH Sciences
1014968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar Cyrus TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Planning Activity Project for Development of a Master of Public Health Tracked in Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Epidemiology
1014971 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Forbes, C. Forbes,Cory UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Innovating Teaching and Learning in the Nexus: Capacity-Building for Undergraduate Food, Energy, & Water Education - National Conference
1014983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Small, V. Small,Voulynne BEST BROTHERS EXELLING WITH SE NC Mobile Produce and Practicing Food Safety Project
1014991 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Si, H. Si,Hongwei TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in MicroRNA and Nutrition Research Using Human Subjects
1014998 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blair, M. W. Blair,Matthew W. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Professional Development in Transcriptomics and Proteomics to Enhance Teaching in Biotechnology
1015033 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rutto, L. K. Rutto,Laban K. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development Application to Build Capacity in Hops Disease Management and Alternative Production Practices
1015044 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, D. R. Thompson,Dale Robert UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Student Cross-Training Opportunities for Combining Food and Cybersecurity into an Academic Food Systems Education Program
1015072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walston, H. Walston,Herman KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Positive Youth Development: An Afterschool Mentoring Program for African-American and Hispanic Youth
1015073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Turner, S. C. Turner,Steven Cornell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS SRDC Base Funding FY 17
1015074 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hermond, D. Hermond,Douglas PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Cyber Security Integration for Cooperative Extension Professionals
1015110 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lounsbery, N. Lounsbery,Nicole SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Expanding the Circle: Increasing Access to Graduate Education for Tribal Communities and Colleges
1015134 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ileleji, K. Ileleji,Klein PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the Next Generation of Leaders for a Transforming Grain Industry
1015178 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh,Mehboob B. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Muscadine Grape: Exploitation of Berry Nutraceuticals as Anti-cancer Functional Food