Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1012195 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kugler, D. Kugler,Daniel UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Tactical Sciences for the Protection of the U.S. Agricultural Enterprise: NIFA's Call to Conversation
1012198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Awal, R. Awal,Ripendra PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Real-Time Site Specific Irrigation Scheduling Tools for Agricultural Crops and Urban Landscape in Texas Using a Mobile Web App
1012212 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tsolova, V. Tsolova,Violeta FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Wine Analytical Capacity for Southern Grapes at FAMU to Train Technological Ready Professionals and Enhance Growers Profit.
1012220 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Muthusamy, M. Ponniah,Sathish Kumar UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Gene Editing in Rice Genome Towards Developing Improved Rice Varieties
1012233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boyd, B. Boyd,Barry TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing a Behaviorally-Anchored Critical Thinking Assessment (BACTA) for faculty utilization in the classroom
1012238 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, P. Johnson,Paul PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishing a Novel Livestock Diagnostic Information Delivery System Phase II
1012295 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snowden, J. J. Snowden,Janana SOUTHERN UNIV LA Evaluation of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) Plant Extract for Medicinal Use as Anti-cancer and Neuro-protective Agent
1012298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Sriharan,Shobha VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Collaborative Efforts to Enhance Climate Change Curricula for Underrepresented College and High School Students
1012335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mrema, F. A. Mrema,Frank Anderson ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Popularizing Specialty Mushroom Production in Rural Communities of Mississippi: Sustainable Shiitake Log Mushroom Cultivation by Small-scale Farmers
1012374 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schescke, K. G. Schescke,Kent G COUNCIL FOR AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IA Institute of Food Production and Sustainability - Biotechnology Crosscut Analysis
1012375 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lohakare, J. Lohakare,Jayant UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Increasing Minority Student Participation in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences through Outreach, Curriculum Development and Experiential Learning
1012548 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Montgomery, M. Montgomery,Marcy Heritage Ranch, Inc. HI Same Canoe Local Food Challenge
1012562 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Czapp, A. Czapp,Allison NURTURE NATURE CENTER PA Expanding SNAP incentives across the Greater Lehigh Valley (PA)
1012563 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hesterman, O. B. Hesterman,Oran B. FAIR FOOD NETWORK MI Innovating technology and expanding geographies for Double Up healthy food incentives
1012567 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Avila, L. E. Beniston,Ian J Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation OH Eating for Health:Expanding Fresh Food Access in the Mahoning Valley
1012569 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nawrocki, R. Florez,Corine CAPACITY BUILDERS, INC. NM Capacity Builders, Inc., Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Pilot Project
1012573 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Garrett, C. Boyd,Tami ATLANTA COMMUNITY FOOD BANK, INC. GA Georgia Food Oasis Atlanta-Fresh Pass Program provides SNAP incentives on fresh fruits and vegetables at markets and retail locations.
1012586 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McLaren, A. Haberl,Jami IOWA HEALTHIEST STATE INITIATIVE IA Expanding Incentives to Decentralized Iowa Markets Pilot Project
1012589 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cheverton, A. Christoffel,Elizabeth VNA HEALTH CARE, AN ILLINOIS NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION IL FreshFirst: A Health Center based fruit and vegetable prescription program with nutrition and culinary skills education for low-income, SNAP eligible families
1012590 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, E. Frost Albrecht,Kristin FOOD BASKET INC., THE HI Da Bux SNAP Incentive Project
1012592 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perry, K. Perry,Kara YOLO, COUNTY OF CA Yolo Bonus Bucks Program
1012604 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lawson, E. Connolly,Kerri RHODE ISLAND PUBLIC HEALTH FOUNDATION, THE RI Food on the Move: A Statewide Mobile Market Program in Rhode Island
1012609 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McBeth, J. Scott,Angela FORTUNE SOCIETY, INC., THE NY Fortune`s FP will expand access to locally-sourced produce and address the nutritional needs of formerly-incarcerated communities of color in NYC.
1012621 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Balch, C. Balch,Christie CROSSROADS COMMUNITY FOOD NETWORK, INC. MD Fresh Checks for Fresh Produce in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads
1012622 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bidgood, E. Bidgood,Emily APPALACHIAN RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL TN A fruit and vegetable prescription pilot program for northeast TN and southwest VA, impacting 100 SNAP-recipient families in Washington County, TN
1012631 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Frazier, M. D. Frazier,Michael GROW FOOD WA Farms to Families CSA: Providing SNAP Clients Affordable Access to Local Produce and Food Education Through Community Partnerships Project
1012634 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Spreen, C. Spreen,Constance EXPERIMENTAL STATION: 6100 BLACKSTONE, THE IL LINK Up Illinois Double Value SNAP Nutrition Incentives Program
1012636 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kintzel, E. Kintzel,Erik SACRAMENTO FOOD BANK & FAMILY SERVICES CA Establishes a new Community Supported Agriculture Program for SNAP recipients in Sacramento Promise Zones.
1012637 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brooks, R. Brooks,Rosalind TOGETHER WE CAN NV Double Your Greens Healthy Food Incentive Project