Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1011698 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Duan, Y. Duan,YongPing ARS-USDA GA Identification, assessment and delivery of antimicrobial compounds for the management of citrus HLB
1011716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bonning, B. C. Bonning,Bryony C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Bt toxin-based strategies for management of Diaphorina citri and citrus greening
1011734 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Martensen, B. Martensen,Brian MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, MANKATO MN Higher Education Coalition to Support Southern Minnesota Agricultural Talent and Service Needs
1011762 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mendoza, P. Mendoza,Paul GALVESTON COLLEGE TX Food Science Pathways: A SPECA Planning Conference
1011782 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crist, T. O. Crist,Thomas O. MIAMI UNIV OH Educating From the Ground Up: Promoting Integrated, Experiential Learning for Resilient Food Systems at Miami University
1011786 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Douglas WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Developing and Delivering IPM Strategies to the Rapidly Expanding U.S. Hop Industry
1011807 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Roper, C. Roper,Caroline UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Deployment of a Spectrum of Bactericides to Cure and Prophylactically Treat Citrus Huanglongbing
1011867 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schelske-Santos, M. Schelske-Santos,Michelle UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Nutri-Vias: Pathways for Diversified Learning in Nutrition and Dietetics
1011872 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gustafson, A. A. Gustafson,Alison UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY The Obesity Food Insecurity Paradox: Educating and empowering a diverse undergraduate student population through innovative curriculum and experiential learning opportunities
1011900 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ha-Brookshire, J. Ha-Brookshire,Jung UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Development of case studies for morally responsible agricultural product supply chain education (MoRAPSCE)
1011906 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ervin, E. H. Scherer,Hannah H VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Sustainability Scholars Program: Increasing underrepresented student success through experiential learning
1011912 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Shoemaker, C. A. Shoemaker,Candice A KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Urban Food Systems: Linking Inter-disciplinary Students to a Complex Food System
1011940 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Post, C. Post,Christopher CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Enhancing FANH Education Through Sensor-Linked Mobile Applications to Improve Technical Literacy
1011948 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Forbes, C. T. Forbes,Cory UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Excellence in Education for Food, Energy, and Water (E2FEW)
1011961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, S. Anderson,Sharon CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Agricultural Sciences Pathways 2+2 HEC Project
1011972 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hains, B. Hains,Bryan UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Building Capacity and Diffusing Innovation in Community Development Education
1011979 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Leggette, H. R. Leggette-Archer,Holli R. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Strengthening Communication Skills of Agricultural Students: Using Real-World Examples to Meet Industry Employment Needs
1012000 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chi, T. Chi,Ting WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Preparing a Competitive 21st Century Workforce: Collaborative Curriculum Development and Assessment
1012025 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chiu, Y. Chiu,Yi-Wen CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Writing the Science of Sustainable Agriculture – A Transdisciplinary Teaching Model
1012054 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elavarthi, S. Elavarthi,Sathya DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Sabbatical to enhance teaching, research and integration of experiential learning in agricultural sciences
1012055 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Eivazi, F. Eivazi,Frieda LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Use of Simulation Modules to Enhance Learning Chemistry and its Applications in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
1012056 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Oh, J. Besong,Samuel Ayuk DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Partnership to strengthen family and Consumer science programs in secondary schools and DSU
1012057 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hankins, G. R. Hankins,Gerald R WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Harnessing whole genome sequence of pepper for association mapping of novel fruit quality phenotypes with enhanced phytonutrients
1012058 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nimmakayala, P. Nimmakayala,Padma WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Strengthening Vegetable Improvement Center with Genomic Selection Tools for Nutraceuticals and Fruit Quality
1012061 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ozbay, G. Ozbay,Gulnihal DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Multi-Institutional Student Experiential Learning with Outreach Training on Water, Climate, Food Security, and Sustainable Agriculture
1012063 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sekmen, A. Sekmen,Ali TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Development of a Meso-Scale Intelligent Robot for Water Leak Detection
1012069 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Millman, S. T. Millman,Suzanne T IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Tools to develop animal welfare knowledge and skills for the next generation of food animal veterinarians.
1012071 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ahuja, S. Dweik,Majed LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Increased Body Mass Index Resulting in Decreased Oral Fat Sensitivity: Implications on Biomarkers of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (Insulin, Glucose, Leptin, and CD36)
1012072 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Z. Wang,Zaisen LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Combating Anthelmintic Resistant Parasitic Nematodes in the Small Ruminant Industry
1012073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Xu, Y. Xu,Yixiang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Reducing Salt in Processed Meats Using High Pressure Processing and Grape Pomace: Building Capacity in Non-thermal Technologies at VSU