Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1011076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koch, R. L. Koch,Robert L UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Remote Scouting for Soybean Pests Using Spectral Reflectance and Unmanned Aerial Systems
1011078 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Messersmith, D. T. Murphy,Thomas PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Guiding Forest Landowners Through Complex Resource Development Issues
1011093 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hubbard, W. G. Boby,Leslie A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Sustaining Excellence in Forest Resources Extension
1011104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Crowder, D. Crowder,David WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving integrated pest management of wireworms in cereal crops
1011113 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sagor, E. Sagor,Eli UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Great Lakes Regional Silviculture for Forest Health: An Innovative Platform for Programming and Practical Content
1011118 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brady, P. A. Brady,Paul Andrew Lewistown Veterinary Service, LLC MT Veterinary Service Rural Enhancement Project For Lewistown Veterinary Service
1011142 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bialon, B. Bialon,Betsy BETSY THE VET, INC MT Expansion of veterinary services to cattle producers using portable equipment
1011154 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baker, M. A. Robinson,Jeremy Shane OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Bridging the Mandate Gap: Equipping Agricultural Educators to Support All Students in Exploring FANH Careers
1011156 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nielsen, S. H. Nielsen,Samuel H SQUARED CIRCLE VETERINARY, LLC WY Rural Practice Enhancement for shortage area UT165
1011164 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ruyle, G. B. Ruyle,George B. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Review and Update the RREA 5-Year Strategic Plan
1011196 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Murray, M. K. Jepson,Paul C OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR IPMSPs: Bringing Integration to Pest Management Strategic Plans
1011200 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Navy Youth Sports and Fitness & Virtual Youth Program
1011201 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hall, C. M. Hall,Cristin Marie PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Zero Suicides - Safe Kids: Supporting Empowering Students At-Risk (SEAS)
1011219 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Assessment, Detection and Innovative Treatment Methods for Seed Borne Diseases in Organic Wheat and Barley Seed Production
1011233 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fettrow-Whitney, E. A. Fettrow-Whitney,Elizabeth Ann UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Health Education: Curriculum and Professional Development For K-8 DoDEA Teachers
1011250 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patrizio, K. M. Kaufman,Eric K VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Professional Development Delivery Model for DoDEA Leadership DoD Schools - Phase III
1011295 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS White, B. J. White,Bradley J KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Enhancing rural practitioner aptitude for endemic, transboundary, and emerging diseases of production animals
1011298 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS VerBrugge, M. K. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS 4-H Mililtary Partnership and Outreach Support Program
1011340 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Borden, L. Borden,Lynne M UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Military Spouse Licensure Portability Examination
1011349 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burrack, H. Burrack,Hannah NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Integrated Management Practices for Improved Pollinator Health
1011367 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Young, S. L. Grantham,Deborah G. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Promoting Integrated Pest Management in Affordable Housing
1011378 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKee, R. McKinley,Steven K PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Military Extension Adventure Camps
1011412 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhu, K. Zhu,Kun Yan KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Improving Efficacy of Aerosol Applications for Control of Stored Product Insects in Wheat and Rice Mills
1011431 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Richardson, M. Richardson,Matthew UNIV OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DC Smart Cities and Connected Communities: A Workshop Bridging Rural, Peri-Urban and Urban Sustainability
1011446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bailey, S. J. Bailey,Sandra J. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Preparing Montana Extension to Address Mental Health in Non-clinical Settings
1011465 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Freeman, J. H. Freeman,Joshua H UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Investigating the Potential of Ethanedinitrile as a Replacement for Soil Fumigation with Methyl Bromide
1011466 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schilder, A. Schilder,Annemiek MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Biological management of nematode-virus and nematode-fungal complexes in fruit crops
1011498 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cramond, B. Cramond,Bonnie UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Department of Defense Education Activity K-8 Gifted Education Program Project
1011587 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cragin, M. Cragin,Melissa UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Data Science in Agriculture Summit
1011695 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Luo, F. Luo,Feng CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Selection, Molecular and Genetic Analysis of HLB Tolerant/Resistant Variant Citrus Plants