Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196200 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Martin, J. Martin, J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OH Course Enhancement and Graduate Research to Develop Ecological Methods for Treating Animal Waste
0196197 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jose, S. Jose, S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Restoration Ecology of Longleaf Pine Ecosystems: Developing an Interdisciplinary Distance Education Course
0196195 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Linker, H. Linker, H. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A National Model for Agroecology Instruction
0196187 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thieman, B. Thieman, B. Ventura Community College CA Training and Internships in Geographic Information Systems to Improve Recruitment Strategies and Student Success for Agriculture Majors
0196177 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pereira, R. Pereira, R. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR A Multimedia Program to Facilitate Retention and Academic Performance of Minority Students in Entry-Level Math and Science Courses
0196176 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Clary, C. Clary, C. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Building Resources for Retention and Maximum Achievement of First-Generation Culturally-Identified Hispanic Agricultural Students
0196175 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Williams, K. Williams, K. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and Retention of Students in Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Studies
0196174 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rios-Gonzalez, A. Rios-Gonzalez, A. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR A Project to Recruit Disadvantaged Students in the Environment Science Program
0196150 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hill, W. A. Hill, W. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL 62nd Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC)
0196145 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Armstrong, T. Armstrong, T. Otero Junior College CO Southeast Colorado Agriculture Initiative
0196144 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Durnovo, M. Durnovo, M. Houston Community College TX Problem Solving- Pathway to Careers In Landscape Horticulture
0196143 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sanders, I. M. Sanders, I. M. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR A Program to Provide Experiential Learning Experiences for Environmental Science Students
0196142 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nef, D. L. Nef, D. L. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Community College Outreach and Recruitment (C-COR)
0196133 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, T. Nichols, T. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Cohort Graduate Program for Tribal College Faculty and Agriculture/Food Systems Professionals
0196117 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Negron-Berrios, J. A. Negron-Berrios, J. A. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Strenghten Science through Biotechnology
0196116 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rodriguez, A. A. Rodriguez, A. A. UNIV OF PUERTO RICO (MAYAGUEZ) PR Enhancing the Knowledge of Environmental and Molecular Biology Issues in Potential and Current Animal Science Students
0196115 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lorence, R. Lorence, R. COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA USDA Diversity Recruitment and Retention
0196114 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ericsson, S. A. Ericsson, S. A. SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Improving Agricultural and Natural Resource Programs to Provide Management Experience for Hispanic and other Unrepresented Students
0196113 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Harveson, L. Harveson, L. SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Increasing Hispanic Recruitment and Retention in Ag & Natural Resource Sciences through Technology, Mentoring, & Experiential Learning
0196112 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chamul, R. S. Chamul, R. S. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Food Safety an Quality Lab Implementation
0196111 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Louzada, E. S. Louzada, E. S. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Agricultural Biotechnology Research Experiences for the Preponderantly Hispanic Population of South Texas
0196110 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kinkel, D. H. Kinkel, D. H. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Use of E-Mentoring, Job Shadowing, and Professional Conferences in a Structured Approach to Career Awareness, Explorartion, and Development
0196109 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez, A. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, INTER-AMERICAN CAMPUS FL Strengthening Curriculum and Recruiting Hispanic Students
0195960 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wold, A. P. Wold, A. P. FOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN A Collaborative Effort Toward Innovative Approaches to Soil Mapping in Forested Landscapes
0195944 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mann, S. Mann, S. Crofton Community Schools NE Increasing the Agricultural Literacy of Secondary Teachers: A Northeast Nebraska Example
0195910 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mills, E. Mills, E. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Teaching Food Animal Diagnostic Skills: A Multi-Institutional Web-Based Approach
0195876 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pierce, N. Pierce, N. Seacoast School of Technology NH Pioneering Biotechnology Education in New Hampshire
0195875 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Marzoff, R. Marzoff, R. Forest Lake Area Schools MN Minnesota Biotechnology Initiative- A Collaborative Effort
0195874 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gant, C. M. Gant, C. M. SECTION HIGH SCHOOL AL Bridging Generations with HortiCORPS (Connecting with Outside Resources for Program Success
0195830 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Reilly, P. Reilly, P. ALLEN COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE KS Agriculture Career Education