Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0197793 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tegegne, F. Tegegne, F. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Strengthening Teachers' and Students' Knowledge of Agricultural Biotechnology Through Hands-On Training Workshops and Outreach
0200310 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chamberlin, B. Chamberlin, B. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Strengthening Technology Competency and Instructional Delivery Systems in Institutions Serving Hispanic Agricultural Students
0197858 TERMINATED SERD GRANT YANG, G. YANG, G. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Strengthening the Interdisciplinary Biotechnology and Biodiversity Program
0200737 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McClain, E. McClain, E. FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Structure and Function of Microbial Communities in Mine Impacted and Non-Impacted Environments
0195827 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rulofson, F. Rulofson, F. College of the Redwoods CA Student Agriculture Enterprise Project
0207011 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zizza, C. A. Zizza, Claire AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Student and Faculty Development: The Community Partnership Service Learning Program at Auburn University
0201109 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Whiteman, G. Whiteman, G. LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Student Experiential Learning
0204131 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Desmond, M. J. Desmond, M. J. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Student Experiential Learning in a Multicultural Environment Through Agency Internships and an International Semester Exchange Program
0196227 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rowland, R. Rowland, R. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Student Experiential Learning in Food Animal Infectious Diseases
0197455 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Klein, R. Klein, R. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Student Recruitment and Partnerships for Learning
0197602 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Donovan, J. M. Donovan, J. M. BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Student Recruitment and Retention Project
0204527 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Linn, D. Linn, D. PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND COMMUNITY COLLEGE AK Student Recruitment, Retention and Educational Equity
0210845 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Campbell, M. Archdale, C. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Successful Bio-Energy Production on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
0213778 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stewart, J. R. Stewart, J. R. ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL Summer Aquaculture Camp for Student Interns at the Bryant High School Aquaculture Facility
0200334 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Palladino, S. Steve Palladino Ventura College CA Supervisor Training in Integrated Spatially-Distributed Environmental Sensors in Agriculture
0210241 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gadberry, J. L. Gadberry, J. L. JOHNSON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE KS Sustainable Agriculture (Market Farming) Entrepreneurship Certificate Program
0210633 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Anderson, W. crotser, M. P. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI Sustainable Agriculture in Western WI
0204021 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Van Lopik, W. Van Lopik, W. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Sustainable Development
0210488 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cook, M. Cook, M. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Sustainable Forestry Academic Program Development
0208883 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stallmann, J. I. Judith I. Stallmann UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Sustainable Rural Communities National Needs Fellowships
0217977 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Meisinger, D. Meisinger,David John U.S. PORK CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IA Swine Production Manager Certification and Associate Degree Delivered via Distance Education
0214232 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rickerl, D. H. Rickerl, D. H. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Synergies of Indigenous/International Collaboration
0200460 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ecoffey, T. M. Ecoffey, T. M. OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD Tatanka-Zitkala-Peji Bison-Birds-Grass
0204816 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Guo, M. Labreveux, M. E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Teaching Analytical Techniques to Enhance Forage, Soil and Water Quality Sciences
0200342 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nelson, S. D. Nelson, S. D. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Teaching and Mentoring South Texas Students for Careers in Agricultural Science and Research
0195910 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mills, E. Mills, E. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Teaching Food Animal Diagnostic Skills: A Multi-Institutional Web-Based Approach
0213843 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hammer, H. S. Hugh Hammer Gadsden State Community College AL Teaching, Research, and Web-Enhanced Learning Experiences within a Postsecondary Aquaculture Curriculum
0196249 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hawley, J. Hawley, J. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Textile Products Recycling: Curriculum Design and Instructional Delivery System
0195817 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Winston, H. M. Winston, H. M. Shelley School District #60 ID The AG Solutions Model for Secondary Curriculum Enhancement
0206387 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Shultz, C. Shultz, C. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY EAST AZ The Balkans & Black Sea Project: American-Greek-Romanian Initiatives to Enhance Understanding of Multicultural Market Opportunities