Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0197257 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pliss, M. Pliss, M. Ithaca High School NY The Global Seminar: Adapting an Award Winning Model for the High School Curriculum
0196897 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hopper, K. Hopper, K. BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Health Promotion and 4-H/Youth Development Initiative
0196851 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Harrington, D. R. Harrington, D. R. SHELDON JACKSON COLLEGE AK Enriching Sheldon Jackson College's Fisheries Science and Environmental Science Programs
0196815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hashimoto, A. G. Hashimoto, A. G. UNIV OF HAWAII HI University of Hawai'i Agribusiness Education, Training and Incubator Project
0196813 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nakazawa, A. Nakazawa, A. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Year 3: A Collaboration Between the College of Rural Alaska Extended Campuses and the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service
0196737 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thompson, Y. Thompson, Y. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT CDKC Extension Service-Increasing Community Resources and Economic Development
0196705 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evers, W. D. Trent Perry PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Can Computer-Assisted Instruction Enhance Communication Skills of Nutrition Professionals Who Educate Consumers About Healthy Food Choices
0196696 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Melvin, M. Melvin, M. OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD Agriculture: Natural Resources Outreach Education Program
0196615 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St.Pierre, M. St. Pierre, M. STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Stone Child College CSREES Reservation Extension Project
0196589 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Freyermuth, S. Freyermuth, S. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Genomics-Based Biotechnology Education
0196588 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Woodward, R. Woodward, R. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Using the Internet to Teach Market-Based Policies for Water Quality Management:
0196569 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Curtis, P. Curtis, P. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL The Virtual Chicken: Part-1 The Female Reproductive Tract
0196537 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jolly, L. Jolly, L. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Service Management for the 21st Century: Leveraging Technology to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
0196495 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bannister, M. Bannister, M. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Developing Agroforestry and Natural Resource Distance Education: Meeting the Needs of the Changing Southeastern US
0196401 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nydam, D. Quinlan, K. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Preparing Future Veterinarians for Careers in Food Animal Medicine, Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health
0196304 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, S. Miller, S. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Competencies of Entry-Level College Graduate Employees in Agribusiness
0196252 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Short-Azure, M. Short-Azure, M. TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Turtle Mountain Community College Youth Development Extension Project
0196249 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hawley, J. Hawley, J. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Textile Products Recycling: Curriculum Design and Instructional Delivery System
0196247 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Polito, T. Polito, T. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Integrating an Entire Semester to Make Connections for Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Communication
0196231 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. Irudayaraj, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Nanoscale Education for Agriculture and Food Based Curricula
0196230 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wattiaux, M. Wattiaux, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A Curriculum to Link Experiential Learning with Information Technology to Enhance Educational Quality and International Competitiveness
0196229 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Frick, M. Frick, M. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Transitioning to Excellence in Agricultural and Natural Resource Baccalaureate Education
0196227 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rowland, R. Rowland, R. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Student Experiential Learning in Food Animal Infectious Diseases
0196211 TERMINATED SERD GRANT LeHew, M. LeHew, M. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Developing Leaders for the Textile and Apparel Industry: Infusing Global Citizenship into the Undergraduate Curriculum
0196208 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hafs, H. Hafs, H. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ Digital Image Galleries to Improve Teaching Animal Science
0196207 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Owens, C. Owens, C. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Collaborative Development of a Multi-Media, Modular Poultry Processing, Products, and Food Safety Curriculum
0196205 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Knobloch, N. Knobloch, N. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL A National Assessment of Learner Centered Approaches to Teaching in Colleges of Agriculture
0196202 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ridley, S. Ridley, S. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI UWRF Research Internship Program
0196201 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Moore, J. Moore, J. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Improving the Educational Impact of 3-D Animations of Signal Transduction Mechanisms with Basic Concepts Modules