Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030986 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Maxey, L. Maxey,Lori THE HOUSE TUSCALOOSA AL Know : Grow : Show Community Garden Service-Learning Program
1030963 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Brandon, D. P. Brandon,Dorothy P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Parent-Child Financial Literacy in Progress Program
1029720 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Carey, S. Carey,Sarah HUDSONALPHA INSTITUTE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY AL Developing genomic resources to sustainably accelerate hop breeding
1028637 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Herring, J. Herring,Joshua ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL An HBCU Mini-Sabbatical in Food Science Focusing on Extrusion and Sensory Science
1028562 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, H. J. Norwood,Terence ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Upward Alabama: research and community programs to investigate and support economic mobility in Alabama urban centers
1028407 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sutterlin, W. R. Sutterlin,William Rusty AMERICAN RENEWABLE METALS, LLC AL Glycerol Derived Compounds as Substitutes for Conventional Solvents
1028379 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Schmutz, J. Schmutz,Jeremy HUDSONALPHA INSTITUTE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY AL Pan-Genome Integration Of Genetic Diversity To Accelerate Molecular Breeding In Cotton
1028086 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bolden-Tiller, O. Bolden-Tiller,Olga TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Digital Agriculture: A Pathway to Enhance Computer Science in the Classroom and Beyond
1028059 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Dunham, R. Dunham,Rex AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Growth Carcass Traits and Disease Resistance of Myostatin Gene-Edited Channel Catfish and Hybrid Catfish
1027746 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Leisner, C. P. Leisner,Courtney Price AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Dissecting the physiological mechanisms of plant nutrient responses to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.
1027462 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Culver, T. Culver,Tami ALABAMA DEPT OF AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRIES AL Alabama's Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network - State Departments of Agriculture
1027233 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lucier-Greer, M. J. Lucier-Greer,Mallory Joy AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL 2022 Military REACH
1027193 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hall, J. Hall,Janice AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Building a Food Safety Training Program to Empower Disadvantaged Producers in Alabama
1027117 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Held, D. W. Held,David W AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Statewide Extension IPM Coordination Program for Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension System for 2021-2024
1026737 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ulmer, M. McKibben,Jason D. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Preparing Emergency Education Responders through Sustainable Learning Network Modules (PEER-SLN)
1026500 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hill, W. A. Hill,Walter A TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Center for Farming Systems, Rural Prosperity and Economic Sustainability (CFSRPES)
1026499 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Tasie, O. Tasie,Ogechukwu ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Utilization Of Non-Thermal Processing Methods On Reduction Of Antinutrients And Impact On Nutrients And Polyphenol Content In Industrial Hemp
1026207 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abebe, W. Abebe,Woubit TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integrated Approach To Advance Food Safety Teaching, Research & Extension Using Nano-Biosensor, Genomics, And Microbiome At Tuskegee University
1026176 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stone, W. Stone,William ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening FANH Education, Research, and Extension in Forestry for Understanding and Reducing Impacts on Water Quality and Sensitive Ecosystems
1026175 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yuan, Q. Yuan,Qunying ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Investigating the Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Selenium Nanoparticles and Their Potential Application to Increase Food Safety and Protect Food Quality
1026172 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bartlett, J. R. Bartlett,Jannette Rose TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integration of Pastured Poultry as part of a Sustainable Farming Enterprise for Local Producers
1026170 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gurung, N. K. Gurung,Nar Kaji TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Hempseed Meal from Hemp Oil Processing – A New Protein Supplement for Meat Goats in the US
1026162 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Okere, C. C. Okere,Chukwuemeka Chuck TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Development of Pasture Based Buck Performance Testing & Recording Scheme (PTRS) for Limited-Resource Meat Goat Producers in Alabama
1026023 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McCall, J. McCall,John UNIVERSITY OF WEST ALABAMA AL Partners for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability
1025140 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Davis, V. A. Davis,Virgina A AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Cellulose Nanocrystals: A Versatile Platform for the Detection of Allergens and Emerging Contaminants
1024551 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hartarska, V. Hartarska,Valentina AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Challenges and Opportunities for Beginning Small and Medium-Sized Producers in the Southeast
1023807 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kumar, S. Kumar,Sanjiv AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL FACT: Interactive Deep Learning Platform and Multi-source Data Integration for Improved Soil Moisture Forecasting
1023669 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Welch, D. C. Welch,David Charles AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BOVINE PRACTITIONERS AL Your Practice Now and Next Generation Workshops
1023392 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chen, C. Chen,Charles AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Dissection And Exploitation Of Gene Networks To Improve Peanut Yield Under Drought