Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196193 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Moehs, C. Moehs, C. ANAWAH, INC. WA Developing Novel Rice Cultivars With Improved Processing
0196192 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Manker, D. C. Manker, D. C. AGRAQUEST, INC. CA A Volatile Antibiotic Producing Fungus for Control of Soil-Borne and Postharvest Diseases
0196191 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Thirugnanam, M. Thirugnanam, M. Pharmagrow, Inc. PA Novel Systemic Nematicides With Potential Insecticidal Properties
0196184 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nagle, D. C. Nagle, D. C. Custom Materials, Inc. MD Wood Based Advanced Ceramics Materials
0196183 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stagg, S. W. Stagg, S. W. Thorpe Seeop Corporation AZ Skywatch Firefighting Integrated Communication System
0196182 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Colgan, R. Colgan, R. TNC2 INDUSTRIES, INC. ID Small Crawler Tractor for Wildfire Management and Control
0196180 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maget, H. Maget, H. M & R Consulting Services dba Med-e-Cell CA Dispenser for the Zero-Order Controlled Release of Pheromone Blends
0193118 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tedders, W. L. Tedders, W. L. H&T ALTERNATIVE CONTROLS, LLC GA Application of Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Infected Hosts: A Novel Approach to Biocontrol