Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0201112 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wynia, D. Wynia, D. SISSETON WAHPETON COLLEGE SD Best Agricultural Practices: Combining Traditional Dakota and Modern
0201110 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fairbanks, J. Fairbanks, J. WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Gitigan (Nature's Garden) Year III
0201109 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Whiteman, G. Whiteman, G. LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Student Experiential Learning
0201058 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Shelton, G. G. Shelton, G. G. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Developing a Family Financial Planning Certificate Program in 1890 Family and Consumer Sciences Units
0201016 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fluellen, V. Vivian Fluellen FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Developing Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty Expertise in Family Financial Planning
0200739 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Balok, C. Balok, C. NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Induction of Ovarian Senescence in Feral Canine and Feline Populations
0200737 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McClain, E. McClain, E. FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Structure and Function of Microbial Communities in Mine Impacted and Non-Impacted Environments
0200572 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wold, A. P. Wold, A. P. FOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Effects of Groundwater Influence on Biotic and Abiotic Parameters Among Six Tributaries to Lake Superior
0200564 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Archdale, C. S. Archdale, C. S. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Beef Marketing for American Indians
0200533 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zanella, A. J. ZANELLA, A. J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Design and Development of Structural Elements for a Web-based Course in Animal Welfare
0200519 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Agnew, W. W. Agnew, W. W. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND Nutrient Analysis and Acceptability Testing of Selected Traditional Native American Foods
0200512 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hanson, S. M. Hanson, S. M. TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND West Nile Virus in North Dakota
0200478 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Harrington, D. Harrington, D. SHELDON JACKSON COLLEGE AK Sheldon Jackson College Fisheries and Environmental Sciences: Sustainability Through Community Connections
0200477 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nakazawa, A. Nakazawa, A. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Year 4: A Collaboration Between the College of Rural Alaska Extended Campuses and the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service
0200476 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fiore, A. M. Fiore, A. M. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA An Innovative Rural Entrepreneurship Model for Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum
0200475 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dunkel, F. V. Dr. Florence Dunkel, F. V. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Discovery-Based Undergraduate Opportunities: Facilitating Farmer-to-Farmer Teaching and Learning
0200460 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ecoffey, T. M. Ecoffey, T. M. OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD Tatanka-Zitkala-Peji Bison-Birds-Grass
0200450 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hartman, M. Hartman, M. ILISAGVIK COLLEG AK Health, Nutrition, and the Inupiat Culture
0200415 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Larson, B. C. Larson, B. C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Distance Education in Integrated Pest Management
0200414 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Almond, G. W. Almond, G. W. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Three Prototypes to Train a Professional Scientific Work Force for Agriculture: Animal Science and Veterinary Student Food Animal Scholars
0200413 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Barak, P. W. Barak, P. W. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Preserving and Enhancing the Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
0200378 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hale, S. Samuel Hale, Jr. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Seamless College-University Agribusiness Management Program
0200364 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Logvin, M. Marshall Logvin SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Expanding Student Opportunities in Bioscience Careers at a Community College
0200357 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Head, W. D. Head, W. D. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Recruitment, Retention, and Experiential Learning: Partnerships for Expanding Student Opportunites in Agriculture and Watershed Science
0200356 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Cochran, J. Cochran, J. COLUMBIA BASIN COLLEGE WA Bilingual Agri-Science Instruction Project
0200355 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Feldman, A. Feldman, A. Glendale Community College CA Developing an Intersegmental Pipeline to Ag-Related Degrees for Hispanic Community College Students
0200342 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nelson, S. D. Nelson, S. D. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Teaching and Mentoring South Texas Students for Careers in Agricultural Science and Research
0200341 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Roman, F. R. Roman, F. R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Laboratory to Enhance Education in Food, Soils and Environmental Sciences
0200340 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mian, L. S. Lal S. Mian CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Pre-Professionals in Environment Health Science Program
0200339 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Frattalone, D. Creason, P. J. Long Beach City College CA Providing Latinos with Agriculture and Nursery Technology Success (PLANTS)