Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0207655 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kermekchiev, M. B. Kermekchiev,Milko B. DNA Polymerase Technology, Inc. MO Soil Inhibition Resistant Mutants of Taq DNA Polymerase
0206474 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ends, A. Ends, A. SCOTCH HILL FARM WI Identifying Marketing Strategies for a Farmstead Cooperative to Increase Goat Milk Soap and Skin Care Product Sales to Targeted Markets
0233834 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tabanpour, M. E. Tabanpour,Menachem E Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling LLC WI Phosphate fertilizer recovery from anaerobic acid digesters in sewage treatment plants.
0213634 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Heilman, M. A. Heilman,Mark SEPRO CORPORATION IN Aquatic Bioherbicidal Formulation Development for Mycoleptodiscus terrestris
0199796 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kassab, H. Hisham Kassab MOBILAPS, LLC MD Empowering WiFi-Based ISPs to Bridge the Rural/Urban Broadband Digital Divide
1028467 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT France, B. France,Brian TDA RESEARCH, INC. CO New Non-Toxic, Organic, Biopesticide to Protect Food Crops from Bacterial Pathogens
0206587 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT McCallum, C. M. McCallum, C. M. ARCADIA BIOSCIENCES AZ Tilling for Enhanced Bolting Resistant Lettuce
0196501 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Donovan, A. J. Donovan, A. J. HUMMINGBIRD CONSULTING AZ Developing Software for Search and Rescue Planning and Operation
1030444 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jackson, J. Jackson,Jonathan GLOBAL NEIGHBOR, INC. OH On-Planter Directed Energy Seed Priming to Increase Producer Profitability
1025868 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ryan, R. Ryan,Rachael BACKYARD FARMS, LLC NM Technical and Market Feasibility of Using Lyophilization to Improve Local Fruit and Vegetable Market Sales.
0226237 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dobres, M. S. Dobres,Michael S NOVAFLORA INC PA Development of marker free crown gall resistant roses.
1028612 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sodani, A. Sodani,Avinash AGROFOCAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC CA Real-Time Crop Monitoring System mountable on any Farm Vehicle
1017306 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Santiago, M. Santiago,Michael FLORAPULSE CO CA In-plant probe of water potential for feedback controlled management of water status in fruit crops
0218859 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Runyon, C. B. Runyon,Chance 3C CATTLE FEEDERS, INC. OK Improving the efficiency of feed use in the cattle industry
0207417 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Hill, C. HILL, C. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Advanced Spatial Technologies for Agriculture
0199811 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Shennan, C. Los Huertos, M. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA A Consortium-based Program for Sustainable Agriculture Along the Central Coast of California
0223329 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT zasada, I. Zasada, I. USDA-ARS, HORTICULTURAL CROPS RESEARCH LAB OR IPM Tactics to Manage Pratylenchus penetrans in Red Raspberry: Providing Growers with Decision-Making Information
0193192 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Rea, K. W. Rea, K. W. LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY LA Louisiana Tech Rural Development Center
1026969 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Douches, D. Douches,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of Multipurpose Potato Cultivars with Enhanced Quality, Disease and Pest Resistance – North Central Region 2021-23
0204272 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Santiago, H. L. Segarra, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Effects of Genotype & Plane of Nutrition Performance, Carcass Composition, & Meat Quality Traits of Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)
0195095 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Preston, J. F. Preston, J. F. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Genome of Pasteuria penetrans: a Blueprint for Developing Pasteuria spp. for the Biocontrol of Plant-parasitic nematodes
0219448 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Johnson, S. E. Johnson, S. E. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Mechanisms contributing to muscle growth differences in Brangus and Angus cattle.
0199677 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Nelson, N. D. Neil Nelson, N. D. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Wood Science for Economic Development
1003074 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Porter, G. A. Porter,Gregory UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Potato Breeding and Variety Development for Improved Quality and Pest Resistance in the Eastern United States
0207295 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Borski, R. J. Borski, R. J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Finfish Aquaculture: Improved Production Efficiency, Farming Practices, and Rearing Technologies
0192241 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Kieliszewski, M. J. dielisewski, M. OHIO UNIVERSITY OH Synthetic Gene Technology - 2002
0222536 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Yang, J. Yang, J. UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Identifying marker compounds and indicators in noni (Morinda citrifolia) products for enhancing shelf-life and quality control
0203241 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Kiely, D. E. Kiely, D. E. UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA MT Value Added Product Development from Agricultural Resources
1026545 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Baron, J. J. Baron,Jerry J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management
0219072 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Mather, T. N. Mather, T. N. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Tick Borne Disease Prevention, RI