Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022319 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Akhunov, E. D. Akhunov,Eduard D KANSAS STATE UNIV KS CROP BREEDING INNOVATION HUB: NIFA IWYP Winter Wheat Breeding Innovation Hub at Kansas State University
1022329 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Akhunov, E. D. Akhunov,Eduard D KANSAS STATE UNIV KS PLANT BREEDING PARTNERSHIPS: Applications of CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome editing for precision breeding in wheat
1025623 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Akhunov, E. D. Akhunov,Eduard D KANSAS STATE UNIV KS CRISPR/Cas-based editing of genes affecting yield component and quality traits in hard winter wheat
0192860 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Akhtar, M. Akhtar, M. BIOPULPING INTERNATIONAL, INC. WI Novel Cost-Effective Production of High Quality Papers
0219091 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cruz-Reyes, A. L. Aisha Cruz-Reyes TEXAS/MEXICO BORDER COALITION COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION TX Generation Bridge for Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers (Bridge) Project
1022770 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ahrens, T. Ahrens,Toby NORTHERN SPENT GRAINS LLC ME Puffed Spent Grains: Low-Calorie, High-Protein Snacks from Brewers' Spent Grains
1028640 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmed, K. Ahmed,Khaled SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIV IL Artificial Intelligence for Greener Livestock: Educational and Research
1020264 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Agudelo, P. Agudelo,Paula CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Multi-state Effort to Contain and Manage the Invasive Guava Root Knot Nematode (GRKN) in Vegetable Crops
1026062 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rahman, M. A. Agarwal,Meenakshi - FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Establishing Gene Editing Technology to Develop Seedless Muscadine Table Grape
1024178 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adve, V. S. Adve,Vikram S UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL AI Institute: Artificial Intelligence for Future Agricultural Resilience, Management, and Sustainability (AIFARMS)
1016498 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adkins, S. Adkins,Scott ARS-USDA GA Development of Preseason Risk Prediction Models to Facilitate Areawide Pest Management of Whitefly-transmitted Viruses of Vegetables in the Southeastern U.S.
1023746 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adkins, P. R. Adkins,Pamela R. F. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Show-Me VET ECHO: Veterinary Education and Training (VET) through Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) Program
1019670 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adkins, K. A. Adkins,Kevin A. EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY INC FL FACT: Fusing Satellite and Drone Data with GIS to Create New Analytical Decision Support Tools for Varying Farm Types
1019766 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adiga, A. Adiga,Abhijin UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA VA FACT: Network Models of Food Systems and their Application to Invasive Species Spread
1017156 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adhikari, A. Adhikari,Achyut LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Develop hands-on training to evaluate and reduce microbial food safety risk associated with agriculture water
1030687 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adeleye, A. Adeleye,Adeyemi UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE CA PARTNERSHIP: Nanoparticulate soil amendments for achieving Closer to Zero via metal(loid) encapsulation
1023403 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Addesso, K. Addesso,Karla TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Flatheaded Borer Management in Specialty Crops
1029973 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Adams, Z. Adams,Zachary PITCH AERONAUTICS INC. ID Environmental Protection: Power Line Bird-Diverter Installation with Novel Touch-Capable Drone
1023058 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adams, M. C. Adams,Myfanwy Catrin CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Elucidating structure and localization of luteovirids as a means to characterize pathogen-vector interactions
1027232 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Resnick, J. Adams,David PARALLEL FLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA SBIR Phase 2: Reducing Wildfire Risk with Large Scale Prescribed Fire Drones
1022021 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams, B. Adams,Barbara SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Advancing The Food and Fiber Sector In South Carolina Through Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Phase II
0201411 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams, B. L. Adams, B. L. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship: A Program to Develop Agribusiness Entrepreneurs
1027136 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams Wiley, L. Adams Wiley,Lillie AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY, LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF LA Louisiana Farmer Stress Assistance Program
1027830 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Acuff, J. Acuff,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Persistent Populations: Methods development to investigate harborage of pathogens in low-moisture food environments
1028270 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Acosta-Gamboa, L. Acosta-Gamboa,Lucia DONALD DANFORTH PLANT SCIENCE CENTER MO Increased Night Temperature and Salt stress effect in Quinoa
0193747 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Acheson, D. W. Acheson, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MD The National Pediatric Diarrhea Surveillance Study
1015452 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Abuelo, A. Abuelo,Angel MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Impact of Oxidative Stress on Vaccine Responsiveness in Neonatal Dairy Calves
1017155 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abuelo Sebio, A. Abuelo,Angel MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Improving food-animal veterinary service shortage situations in rural bovine practice through recruitment and continuing education of early-career veterinarians
0225922 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abreo, C. Abreo,Christina Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana, Inc LA The Farmer Incubator Program as a component of the Community Food Security System for Latino Families in Orleans Parish
0196592 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, M. Abrahamsen, M. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Research Training of Veterinary Students in Microbial and Animal Health Genomics