Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027347 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Derryck, D. Derryck,Dennis CORBIN HILL FOOD PROJECT, INC., THE NY Produce Prescription in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan
1027351 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hannah, A. Hannah,Amy WILLIAMSON HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER, INC WV WHWC`s Produce Prescription Program
1027353 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jablonski, K. Jablonski,Kevin NORTHERN COLORADO FOODSHED PROJECT CO The Northern Colorado Farm Business Accelerator
1027356 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bojrab, M. Bojrab,Michelle PARKVIEW HOSPITAL, INC. IN Veggie Rx to HEAL
1027363 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Efrat, M. W. Efrat,Merav W California State University, Northridge CA Pipeline for Diverse Nutrition Students to Become Certified Lactation Counselors
1027365 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gerhardt, T. Gerhardt,Terri DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE OHIO OH Bridging the Gap for Agricultural and Rural Mental Health Training in Ohio
1027391 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Slep, A. Slep,Amy New York University NY Support of the Army's Implementation of the Incident Determination Committee - Case Clinical Staff Mtg. (IDC-CCSM) Training
1027396 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lammert, A. Lammert,Amy CAL POLY CORPORATION CA FIRST in PD Teaching: Food Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology in Product Development Teaching
1027397 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ray, T. Ray,Tim CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Chemeketa Incubator Farm Planning Project: Developing a land based, multi-grower education project for beginning farmers from diverse communities
1027399 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McLaren, A. Brooks,Jazzmine IOWA HEALTHIEST STATE INITIATIVE IA Iowa Double Up Food Bucks Statewide Nutrition Incentive Project
1027401 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ghanem, L. Ghanem,Lina INADVANCE CA Saba Grocers SNAP-Incentive Program
1027403 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lopez-Ospina, C. Wasserman,Aliza BOSTON, CITY OF MA Boston Double Up Food Bucks Expansion
1027405 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Forsyth, C. Lyberger,Debra AGRICULTURE AND FOOD, UTAH DEPARTMENT OF UT Utah Farm Stress Assistance
1027411 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perkins, B. Perkins,Benjamin WHOLESOME WAVE FOUNDATION CHARITABLE VENTURES, INC. CT Fidelity, Equity, and Dignity in Produce Prescriptions; Participatory design for social justice and healthy food systems
1027415 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Flessner, M. L. Flessner,Michael Luke VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Turning the combine from a weed seed spreader into a weed seed predator
1027417 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hallett, L. Webb,Michelle MAINE DEPT OF AGRICULTURE ME Maine Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance: Supporting an Inclusive and Responsive Continuum of Services
1027424 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morrone, V. Morrone,Vicki MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Elevating the Quality of Beginning Farmer Training in Michigan
1027427 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schroeder, K. L. Schroeder,Kurtis Lee UNIV OF IDAHO ID Improving canola production and production systems with genetic and agronomic advances to increase canola acreage in the Pacific Northwest
1027428 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ryu, D. Ryu,Dojin UNIV OF IDAHO ID Collaborative Food Safety Education and Training for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Farmers in the Pacific Northwest
1027432 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rajotte, E. G. Tooker,John Frazier PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Pennsylvania Extension Integrated Pest Management
1027435 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fennimore, S. A. Fennimore,Steven A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Band steam application for weed and disease control in vegetable crops
1027436 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, B. Zhang,Bo VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Link and Advance the Supply Chain of Edamame Industry in the U.S: A Planning Proposal
1027442 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kersten, M. Pierce,Jane Breen NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Expanding IPM Extension and Education in New Mexico
1027453 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Buckner, E. R. Wakefield,Dexter ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Scholarships for Students at 1890 Institutions, Alcorn State University School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
1027460 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diaz Ramirez, J. N. Diaz Ramirez,Jairo Nelvedir UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Imperial County Farm-To-School Community Engagement Initiative
1027462 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Culver, T. Culver,Tami ALABAMA DEPT OF AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRIES AL Alabama's Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network - State Departments of Agriculture
1027464 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zubick, K. Zubick,Kelleen SHARE OUR STRENGTH DC Healthy Families Rx: No Kid Hungry Louisiana and Aetna Better Health of LA Produce Prescription for Households with Children at Risk of Overweight or Obesity in Acadiana and Northshore Regions.
1027466 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lockhart, J. Cliffton-Hopkins,Becky COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP OF OZARK INC MO Double SNAP in Springfield
1027480 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nalam, V. Nalam,Vamsi COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Diversity and Host Resistance to Novel Potato Virus Y Isolates in Colorado