Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024186 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Groleau, J. Groleau,Joshua PECOS WIND POWER, INC. MA Drivetrain for High Capacity Factor Distributed Wind Turbine
1024197 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT MAFRA-NETO, A. MAFRA-NETO,AGENOR ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA "GYOP— Grow Your Own Pheromone: A biobased production method for insect pheromones using transgenic plants"
1024206 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chavez, R. D. Chavez,Robert Dalton OMNIVIS INC IN COVID-19 Rapid Response: A Handheld Diagnostic Device for COVID-19 in Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities
1024245 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jensen, D. Jensen,David ISOTRUSS INDUSTRIES LLC UT Closing the digital divide through advanced manufacturing and tooling development for commercialization of IsoTruss tower solutions.
1024271 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Roberts, D. Roberts,Doug FLAT EARTH, INC. MT SWEdar – an Automated Low-Power Snow Water Equivalent Sensor
1024274 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hoenig, S. H. Hoenig,Sean Henry ADVANCED COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. PA Brackish Water for Condensation Irrigation
1024296 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Findlay, M. W. Findlay,Melvin W KWJ ENGINEERING INC. CA Ultralow Power Sensors for Firefighter Safety and Monitoring of Surrounding Air Quality
1024307 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hansen, B. Hansen,Brian AEROPHASE INC CO COVID-19 Rapid Response: Bio-Aerosols in Agriculture and Food Processing
1024310 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hagen, S. Hagen,Stephen DAGAN, INC. NH Cover Crop Information System: Using remote sensing and modeling to map detailed information about cover crops across wide regions
1024312 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Orrey, J. Orrey,Jeffrey GEOVISUAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. CO Precision Harvest Forecasting of Fresh Vegetable Crops
1024332 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cornish, K. Cornish,Katrina ENERGYENE INC. OH GRIPS: Guayule Radiation-Attenuation Innovative Gloves as a Price-Effective Route to Natural Rubber Security
1024405 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rock, K. P. Rock,Kelly Peter Micronic Technologies, Inc. VA Scaling Tornadic One Pass™ Wastewater Treatment Technology to Conserve Natural Resources
1024418 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schultink, A. Schultink,Alex FORTIPHYTE, INC. CA Development of a tomato variety with durable resistance to Bacterial Spot
1024505 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Weissman, J. Weissman,Jeffrey Precision Combustion, Inc. CT Effective Reduction of Ammonia in Poultry Facilities
1024527 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Starr, E. Starr,Emily STARRMATICA LEARNING SYSTEMS, INC. IA STEM lesson creation coaching framework to improve the pedagogy of K-5 teachers implementing the NGSS
1024534 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lanning, C. Lanning,Christopher FOREST CONCEPTS, LLC WA Advanced Lab Equipment and Modeling Tools for Dryer Design
1024536 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Crosby, B. C. Crosby,Brett Clive CUSTOM AG SOLUTIONS, INC. WY Research and Development of a Cattle Marketing Portal to Improve Small and Mid-Size Cattle Producers` Market Awareness, Planning, and Decisions
1024569 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bradley, C. Bradley,Clifford MONTANA BIOAGRICULTURE INC. MT Curvularia: Fungal Symbiosis for Drought Protection in Wheat
1024675 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Williams, C. Williams,Christopher INTELLISENSE SYSTEMS, INC. CA Fire Weather Observation Sensor (FWOS) System
1024683 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT MAFRA-NETO, A. MAFRA-NETO,AGENOR ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA "Shielding Spruce and Douglas Fir Trees from Bark Beetle Attack"
1024708 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rotshtein, R. Rotshtein,Regina THINKING HABITATS LLC MI Empowering rural high school students to use local news as a knowledge source to make informed decisions about their lives and rural communities.
1024736 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lee, J. Lee,Joun PANI CLEAN INC IA A Hybrid Electrodialysis/Electrolysis Unit for Combined Nitrate Removal and Conversion from Agricultural Wastewater
1025389 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Brown, C. A. Brown,Cynthia A. ENERGY INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT, L.L.C. LA A Feasibility Study of a Cooling Technology for Internal Combustion Engines in Off-road Diesel Vehicles, Including Tractors, Combines, Spreaders and Applicators