Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024822 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Metoyer, R. Metoyer,Ronald UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME IN SCC-IRG Track 1: Food Information Networks (FINs):Building data-driven supports for increasing access and healthy food choices in low-income neighborhoods
0204240 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Suflita, J. M. Suflita, J. M. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA OK Biotechnology for the Environment: A Joint United States-European Union Celebration of a Decade of Environmental Biotechnolgy Exchange Act
1022060 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Xiao, X. Xiao,Xiangming UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA OK Multi-scale measurement, analysis and modeling of sugarcane plantations in Louisiana
1024194 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ebert, D. S. Ebert,David S UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA OK AI Institute: Planning: A Gap-Based Approach to Frame and Develop Robust AI for Sustainable Agriculture
1028301 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hodges, C. A. Hodges,Caitlin A UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA OK Quantifying the Mechanisms and Biogeochemical Impact of Anaerobic Microsites in Upland Soils
1024840 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hallett, L. Hallett,Lauren UNIVERSITY OF OREGON OR Ecological intensification for a productive oak-hazelnut savannah landscape
1025390 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Durant, J. Durant,Jennie UNIVERSITY OF OREGON OR Identifying Barriers And Incentives To Adopting Bee-Friendly Management Practices On Pollinator-Dependent Farms
1026385 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Reed, P. Reed,Paul UNIVERSITY OF OREGON OR The annualization of Pacific Northwest grasslands: implications for ecosystem services
0196188 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Perez-Alegria, L. R. Perez-Alegria, L. R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Improving Math and Science Performance in the College of Agriculture
0196665 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Preston, A. M. Rivera-Cano, M. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Nutrition of Puerto Rican School Children: Importance of The Federal Breakfast and Lunch Programs
1026724 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Megret, R. Megret,Remi UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Deep-Pollinator: Enabling Large-Scale Video Analysis Of Pollinator Behavior With Deep Learning
1026756 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bayman, P. Bayman,Paul UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR AGFEI: Strengthening research capability in plant pathology and plant-microbe interactions at UPR Río Piedras
1028743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez,Alan UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR LATINO Farm to Table & Food Safety Culinary Arts Initiative @ UPRCa
1029073 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Malavez Acevedo, Y. Malavez Acevedo,Yadira UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Improving scientific instrumentation for student success in Puerto Rico (ISISS-PR)
0214572 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mercado-Iguina, E. Mercado-Iguina,Edgardo University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo Campus PR Laboratory Enhancement and Curricular Revision for the Veterinary Technology Program
1010320 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Davila, M. Davila,Marisol University of Puerto Rico - Utuado PR Community service as an active learning strategy for agriculture undergraduate students
1023500 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ramos-Rodriguez, O. RAMOS-RODRIGUEZ,OLGALY University of Puerto Rico - Utuado PR Developing Research Experiences in Agriculture through Mentoring at UPR-Utuado
0202497 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Van Bloem, S. J. Carro-Figueroa, V. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Regeneration by Basal Sprouting Following High Winds in Forests: Linking Physiology to Ecosystem Structure
0204272 EXTENDED SPECIAL GRANT Santiago, H. L. Segarra, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Effects of Genotype & Plane of Nutrition Performance, Carcass Composition, & Meat Quality Traits of Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)
1015468 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Dumas, J. A. Dumas,Jose UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Increasing the Resilience of Agroecosystems in Puerto Rico to Climate Change by Combining Soil Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting Practices
1019344 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cabrera-Asencio, I. Cabrera-Asencio,Irma UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Outbreaks of insect pest and diseases of tropical fruits after the atmospheric disturbances caused by hurricane Mari´a in Puerto Rico
1023435 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roman, F. R. Roman,Felix R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Replacement of obsolete FT-IR and GC-MS in Analytical Laboratory of Food, Soils and Environmental Chemistry (ALSFEC)
1023436 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roman, F. R. Roman,Felix R. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Enhancement of soft skills and entrepreneurship in undergraduate and graduate students from Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences (FANS) by their involvement in Experiential Learning Activities
1023476 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abelleira, O. J. Abelleira,Oscar J. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR A Wood Products Laboratory and Outreach Facility to Support Sustainable Community Forestry in Puerto Rico
1026793 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez-Perez, R. Rodriguez-Perez,Robinson UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Using Distance Education to Enhance Aquaponic Production in Puerto Rico’s Model Forest
1026815 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Silva-Araya, W. F. Silva-Araya,Walter F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Strengthening Multidisciplinary Integration in Agriculture and Natural Resources Education by Using Advanced Technologies and Computer Simulations
1030261 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bair, D. Bair,Daniel UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Rehabilitation of disturbed urban soils for vegetable production in Tropical regions
0219053 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gregory, A. Gregory, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO EXTENSION PR Technology & Management Educational Center for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in Puerto Rico
1027226 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Almodovar, W. Almodovar,Wanda UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO EXTENSION PR Divided by Water, United by Need: IPM Program for Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands