Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026760 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Taafaki, I. J. Ogunmokun,Adedayo COLLEGE OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS MH Agricultural Education for Health and Sustainable Livelihoods
1026765 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kuo, T. Kuo,Tony COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES CA COVID Relief 2020-70030-33128: Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Prediabetic and Diabetic Medicaid Recipients in Los Angeles County
1026767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Richards, M. Christy,Myrisa COMMUNITY FARM ALLIANCE KY COVID Relief 2019-70030-30409: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Fresh Rx for MOMs as a response to increased rates of food insecurity resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic
1026768 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Areta, A. Areta,Aufai AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Enhancing the Agriculture, Community & Natural Resources Program through strengthening of instruction delivery systems and faculty/staff development
1026769 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McFall, P. McFall,Pauline AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Enhancing the Agricultural, Community, & Natural Resources Program through Experiential Learning & Other Educational Opportunities
1026773 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, H. Wilson,Houston UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Collaborative Knowledge Networks for Planning Organic Agriculture Research and Extension in California
1026776 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS IKERTANG, F. IKERTANG,FREDRICK PALAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE Optimizing organic-based farming, enhancing faculty preparation, and improving curriculum design through supervised experiential learning at Palau Community College.
1026777 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS IKERTANG, F. IKERTANG,FREDRICK PALAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE Enhancing curriculum design and instructional delivery and maximizing faculty competencies through quality distance education for agriculture and related science programs.
1026778 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, K. Wang,Koon-Hui UNIV OF HAWAII HI Organic Sweet Potato IPM and Soil Health Management for Small- and Mid-Size Farms
1026781 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ramirez, C. Rojas Hernandez,Maria DEWEY UNIVERSITY PR Enhancing an Agribusiness Degree Program in Greenhouse and Controlled Environment at Dewey University in Juana Diaz Puerto Rico.Instructional delivery systems, library resources student recruitment,
1026782 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Montgomery, M. Montgomery,Marcy Heritage Ranch, Inc. HI COVID Relief 2020-70030-33125: CRR Same Canoe
1026783 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ulrich, N. Cato,Robert Alan Friends of Zenger Farm OR COVID Relief 2020-70030-33122: Matching Community Demand for Year-Around Produce by Extending the Growing Season of Local Farms
1026784 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Okihiro, M. M. Okihiro,May Michiko WAIANAE DISTRICT COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH AND HOSPITAL BOARD, INCORPORATED HI COVID RELIEF 2020-70030-33127: Expanding the Waianae Ohana Produce Prescription Program
1026785 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jackson, M. Gibson,Erin MOUNTAIN COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CORPORATION KY COVID Relief 2017-70025-26684: MCHC Farmacy - Produce Prescription Program
1026790 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hawk, C. Hawk,Carol FOUNDATION OF DISTRICT 304 WA COVID Relief 2020-70030-33190: Skagit County FVRx Program
1026793 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez-Perez, R. Rodriguez-Perez,Robinson UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Using Distance Education to Enhance Aquaponic Production in Puerto Rico’s Model Forest
1026794 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burnham, C. Burnham,Conne UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION MO New Madrid Seismic Zone Multi-State Public Awareness And Education Project
1026796 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Higdon, A. L. Higdon,Andrea Lynn UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY LADDER: Local Approach to Discussion-Based Disaster Exercises and Readiness - Phase II
1026797 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Callahan, M. K. Callahan,Mary Kathleen COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PATIENT EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, INC. NM COVID Relief 2019-70030-30407: Navajo Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program
1026803 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Freeman, J. H. Hajihassani,Abolfazl UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The use of compact bed design and prescriptive approaches to managing nematodes and weeds in plasticulture vegetable production
1026808 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Koprak, J. Koprak,Julia THE FOOD TRUST PA COVID 2019-70030-30412: Food Bucks Rx: Responding to Food Access Needs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey during the COVID-19 Crisis
1026815 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Silva-Araya, W. F. Silva-Araya,Walter F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Strengthening Multidisciplinary Integration in Agriculture and Natural Resources Education by Using Advanced Technologies and Computer Simulations
1026818 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bisbee, Y. J. Bisbee,Yolanda J. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Titooqan Wepcukuywit (Indian Knowledge)
1026822 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Melendez, E. Melendez,Enrique RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO MAYAGUEZ PR Renovation of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
1026835 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roesch-McNally, G. Roesch-McNally,Gabrielle AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, INC DC Veteran Women for the Land will shed light on the unique experiences of farmers and farmland owners who are navigating the complex intersection of gender identity and veteran’s status.
1026843 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Odom, K. Lipman,Jesse Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services HI COVID Relief 2020-70030-33126: Kalihi Food Prescription Pilot Program
1026844 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wieczorek, A. WIECZOREK,ANIA UNIV OF HAWAII HI Hawaii-One-Ag: Developing new pathways in agricultural education and future career growth
1026850 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hemmelgarn, H. Hemmelgarn,Hannah UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO MU-Osage Food & Agriculture Program for Tribal Student Recruitment, Engagement, and Success
1026854 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Miles, A. Miles,Albie UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII SYSTEMS HI University of Hawaii - West Hawaii: Undergraduate Pathways Bridging Excellence in Agriculture and Tradition (UP-BEAT)
1026873 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rojas, C. GOGGIN,FIONA UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Imaging Technologies for Plant, Animal and Soil Health and Productivity