Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023766 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Simon,Philipp AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Impact and spread of the glyphosate resistance gene in feral alfalfa populations
1023218 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schilling, M. W. Schilling,Mark Wesley MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS The integration of food science and health in high schools to promote food science, nutrition, and health academic and career pathways
1021743 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Natarajan, P. Natarajan,Purushothaman WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Integrating Data Science with Speed Breeding for Gummy Stem Blight Resistance in Watermelon and Nurturing Next Generation Minority Scientists
1027094 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Earnheart, M. Earnheart,Marty AGRICULTURE, MONTANA DEPARTMENT OF MT Montana 2021 FRSAN Application
0198069 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fish, W. Fish, W. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Tribal College Research Grants Program
1026684 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shade, J. Sciligo,Amber ORGANIC CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PROMOTION VT Organic Confluences: Reducing Plastic across the Organic Supply Chain
1025187 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kropp, J. D. Kropp,Jaclyn Donna UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Diversity in Food and Resource Economics - Creating a World of Opportunity for Tomorrow’s Leaders
1013757 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Syed, Z. Severson,David UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME IN Developing an attractant for Lygus hesperus derived from host plant volatile compounds
1029490 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wildcat, D. Moore,Mackie HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Expanding Extension Programming for Stakeholders
1004066 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS James, N. James,Neil FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Creating a Public Private Consortium for the Enhanced Preparation of Students for Careers in the Food Industry
1029073 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Malavez Acevedo, Y. Malavez Acevedo,Yadira UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Improving scientific instrumentation for student success in Puerto Rico (ISISS-PR)
0219938 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pickford, R. Pickford, R. THE CORPORATION FOR FINDLAY MARKET OF CINCINNATI OH Cultivating Healthy Entrepreneurs and Farmers
1023597 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hultberg, A. Hultberg,Annalisa UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Water quality and the FSMA PSR: Developing risk assessment and educational tools for farmers and laboratories in the upper Midwest
0210160 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Poole, R. L. Poole, R. L. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Investigation of Dead Zone on Tribal Fisheries in Bellingham Bay, Washington
1022361 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ankumah, R. O. Vaughan,Barrett TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Tuskegee University Food and Agricultural Scholars Program (TUFASP)
1020767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, M. Johnson,Matthew D. HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Echale ganas: Engaging Hispanic Students in Agriculture and Natural Resources at Humboldt State University
1018390 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hartman, K. Hartman,Kerry FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Establishing Best Practices to Maximize Yield of the Culturally Relevant Amelanchier (Juneberry)
1024395 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Harming, S. LaPlante,Leroy SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Igluwiyeya (Prepare Oneself): Pathways From Preparation To Graduation At Land-Grant Institutions
1026986 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vafaie, E. Khan,Dr. Rafia TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Integrated pest management of the European Pepper Moth
1026207 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abebe, W. Abebe,Woubit TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integrated Approach To Advance Food Safety Teaching, Research & Extension Using Nano-Biosensor, Genomics, And Microbiome At Tuskegee University
0229796 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Patil, A. Patil,Amar NJ Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health, Diagnostic Laboratory NJ New Jersey National Animal Health Laboratory Network 2015
1028854 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Redfern, T. Redfern,Tom RURAL ACTION INC OH Engaging Students and Community through Food and Agricultural Experiences in Appalachian Ohio
0215740 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caples, V. Dweik,Majed ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Maintaining a Competitive Edge for Human Capital Development, Research, and Extension in the Food and agricultural Sciences
1027265 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kelly, H. M. Kelly,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN IPM Implementation for agronomic crops, housing, schools, pesticide applicators, specialty crops, and pollinators
0205187 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hotvedt, M. A. Hotvedt, M. A. NORTHEAST IOWA COMMUNITY-BASED DAIRY FOUNDATION IA Dairy Education and Applied Research Center
1021790 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aziz, A. N. Aziz,Ahmad Naseer TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Mobile Experiential Learning Towards Creating a High School Pipeline in Middle Tennessee through Integrated Research on Crops’ Wild Relatives
0196709 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DuMarce, H. DuMarce, H. SISSETON WAHPETON COLLEGE SD Collaborating to Achieve Healthy Lifestyles Among Tribal Communities
1020367 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schulte, P. Schulte,Priscilla Univerisity of Alaska Southeast AK Transforming ecosystems of Alaska: an interdisciplinary FANH program for dual enrollment students