Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195252 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cummings, R. G. Cummings, R. G. GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY GA Agricultural Water Policy, GA
0197334 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, B. Thompson, B. GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY GA Improving Irrigation Effiiciency Through Remote Sensing Technology and Precision Agriculture in SE Georgia (Information Technology, Georgia)
0206790 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hill, R. Hill, R. GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY GA Information Technology Georgia
0206934 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Latimore, Jr., M. Latimore, Jr., M. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Utilizing GIS to Enhance the Environmental Soil Science Instructional Program
0214111 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, D. Wilson, D. ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Agriculture Water Policy, Georgia
0215698 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Latimore Jr., M. Latimore,Mark FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Rural Health and Nutrition, Food Preservation and Quality Child Care Programs
0218262 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fuhrman, N. E. Fuhrman, N. E. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Ambassadors for Conservation Education (ACE) Program
1000573 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kannan, G. Kannan,Govind FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Enhancing Facilities for Agricultural Research, Teaching and Extension Programs
1004110 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moore, C. E. Moore,Charles Earl GRADY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL CORPORATION GA Emory/Grady Urban Health Initiative Program
1004505 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McCommon, G. McCommon,George FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Increasing Enrollment and Retention of Minority Students in the Vet Tech Program while Providing Extension to Ag Educators and the Community
1009487 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mei, B. Mei,Bin UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Empowerment of modern scientists in forest economics, planning and management
1013994 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brightwell, R. L. Brightwell,Rebecca Lynn UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Enhancing The Safety Of Locally Grown Produce For Veterans In Agriculture
1016320 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Van iersel, M. W. Ferrarezi,Rhuanito Soranz UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Optimizing the cost-effectiveness of lighting in controlled environment agriculture
1016498 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adkins, S. Adkins,Scott ARS-USDA GA Development of Preseason Risk Prediction Models to Facilitate Areawide Pest Management of Whitefly-transmitted Viruses of Vegetables in the Southeastern U.S.
1017063 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dutta, B. Dutta,Bhabesh UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Integrated Management of Fusarium Wilt, Nematode and Weed Complex using Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Watermelon Production System
1017123 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kannan, G. Kannan,Govind FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Establishment of the FVSU Center for Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship
1017429 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Riley, D. G. Riley,David G UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A MultiState Approach To Quantifying And Managing Insecticide Resistance In Plutella Xylostella The Diamondback Moth In Cole Crops
1020432 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hajihassani, A. Dutta,Bhabesh UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Developing Sustainable and Profitable Tools for Producing Tomato in Fields Infested with Soilborne Pathogens, Nematodes, and Weeds
1020478 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dutta, B. Dutta,Bhabesh UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Evaluation of integrated bacterial disease management options for organic onion production in southeastern and northcentral United States
1020496 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. Snyder,William E UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Balancing soil nutrition for sustainable weed and pest-insect management
1022663 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Noble, R. Howard,Keith M. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Recruiting, Engaging, Mentoring And Training Undergraduate Students In The Agricultural Sciences At FVSU To Enhance The Skilled Workforce
1023417 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dutta, B. Dutta,Bhabesh UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Control Alt Delete: Enhancing resiliency of broccoli production by mitigating Alternaria leaf blight and head rot in the eastern United States
1023475 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sial, A. A. Sial,Ashfaq Ahmad UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Moving from crisis response to long-term integrated management of SWD: A keystone pest of fruit crops in the United States
1023649 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hajihassani, A. Jagdale,Ganpati UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Integrating biorational approaches to control plant parasitic nematodes and weeds in organic vegetable systems
1023815 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Naikare, H. K. Mosley,Yung-Yi UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Attract and engage the next generation of baccalaureate and veterinary students from rural communities in Georgia to career opportunities with emphasis on laboratory diagnostics.
1024033 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jackson, L. J. Jackson,Laymon Jonathon STAG VETS INC. GA Ad Tech to Success
1024322 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Champagne, D. Champagne,Donald UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Molecular basis of insecticide resistance in the Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella, (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) in Georgia and Florida, USA.
1024513 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moten-Thomas, J. Latimore,Mark FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Baldwin Grows Learning Lab Expansion Project: A USDA Food & Agricultural Service Learning Program
1026022 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gosukonda, R. M. Gosukonda,Ramana Murthy FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Student Experiential Learning in Agri-ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) through Curriculum and Infrastructure Development
1026346 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, M. Anderson,Matthew BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA GA Southwest Georgia Veterinary Medicine Candidate and Growth Capacity Building Program