Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1006080 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeAtley, K. DeAtley,Kasey Lane California State University, Chico CA Delivering sustainable rangeland management training through multi-institutional collaboration: a mechanism for improving academic quality a
1029339 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dedecker, J. Dedecker,James MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI The Midwestern Hemp Research Collaborative: Participatory Research and Extension to Grow a Sustainable Hemp Industry
0204893 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeHayes, D. H. DeHayes, D. H. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT The Future of Forest Research: Strategic Planning for the McIntire-Stennis Program
1020735 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Culman, S. W. Deiss,Leonardo OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Organic Dual-Use Perennial Grain Crops: Pathways to Profitability and Soil Health
1029388 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Del Rio Mendoza, L. Del Rio Mendoza,Luis NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Enhancing Sustainability of Canola Production in North Central US
0200379 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeLoughery, R. DeLoughery, R. SI TANKA UNIVERSITY SD Smoking Out a Vertical Market: A Beef/Buffalo Jerky Production Project
0201115 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Deloughery, R. Deloughery, R. SI TANKA UNIVERSITY SD Lakota Value-Added Agriculture and Range Management Curriculum Devlelopment
0211246 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeLoughery, R. L. DeLoughery, R. L. Sitting Bull College ND Growing a Bison Culture
1013034 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dever, J. K. Dever,Jane K. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Breeding Organic Cotton Cultivars with Distinct Morphological Marker for Purity Maintenance
1020313 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeVetter, L. DeVetter,Lisa Wasko WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Planning Grant: Implementation of New Technologies and Improved End-of-Life Management for Sustainable Use of Agricultural Plastics
1029249 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeVetter, L. W. DeVetter,Lisa Wasko WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving end-of-life management of plastic mulch in strawberry systems
0195218 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rawson, J. W. Dewine, J.. CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE WV Influence of Nutrient Availability, Hydrology, and Beaver on Plant Community
1022495 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dey, M. Dey,Madan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Integrated Training and Experiential Learning (InTEL) for Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling and Computer Skills in Agricultural Sciences
1029248 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dhar, A. Dhar,Arun UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Development of PCR-based diagnostic assays in support of disease free attestations of formulated aquafeed.
1026038 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dhekney, S. A. Dhekney,Sadanand University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Improving Grapevine Resistance to Powdery Mildew Utilizing Genome Editing Technology
1023639 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moon, T. Diao,Jinjin Washington University MO Development of kill-switches for biocontainment of genetically engineered microbes
1027460 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diaz Ramirez, J. N. Diaz Ramirez,Jairo Nelvedir UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Imperial County Farm-To-School Community Engagement Initiative
1027015 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diaz Rios, L. K. Diaz Rios,Lillian Karina UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Community-Informed Capacity Bridging to Increase Access to Health Education in Rural Areas Via Telehealth
1023558 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DiCaprio, E. DiCaprio,Erin UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Hybrid training for quality assurance and food safety programs designed for small-scale food processors and distributors
0196575 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diefes-Dux, H. diefes-dux, H. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Nanotechnology Interdisciplinary Educational Experiences for Undergraduates in Food and Agricultural Sciences
1027742 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Diepenbrock, L. M. Diepenbrock,Lauren Marie UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: Regional management strategies for Asian citrus psyllid and HLB prevention in commercial groves and residential plantings
1013927 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dill, J. Dill,James UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Maine Integrated Pest Management CPPM-EIP 2017-2020
1027199 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dill, J. Dill,James UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME UMaine Integrated Pest Management CPPM-EIP
0218608 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dillon, M. Dillon, M. ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE WA The Seed We Need ???Working Group, Symposium, and Action Plan for the Advancement of Organic Seed Systems
1023458 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dimitri, C. Dimitri,Carolyn New York University NY Supporting a Vibrant Organic Sector through Economic Analysis: A Research and Extension Needs
1017322 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morris, J. E. Dinsmore,Stephen J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Regional Aquaculture Center - North Central Region
1023897 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morris, J. E. Dinsmore,Stephen J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA North Central Regional Aquaculture Center Administration
0227277 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dollahite, J. S. Dollahite,Jamie S. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Adopting Healthy Habits: Increasing Community Readiness to Change Food and Activity Choices in 3 Rural Counties
1029693 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dombrowski, K. Dombrowski,Kirk UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Renovation Of The University Of Vermont`s Hills Agricultural Building To Establish An Institute Of Rural Partnership (IORP-VT)