Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0203636 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Worku, M. Worku, M. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Agricultural Biotechnology and Genomics Multidisciplinary Graduate Education
0203637 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Andreasen, C. B. Andreasen, C. B. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Digital Image Database to Enhance Foreign Animal Disease Education
0203638 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hansen, P. J. Hansen, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL University Of Florida Graduate Program in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology
0203639 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fulton, J. R. Fulton, J. R. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate Fellowships in Agribusiness Management
0203640 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schroeder, T. C. Schroeder, T. C. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Meeting National Needs for Scholars Trained in Economics of Food Marketing and Biosecurity
0203642 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pennington, P. Pennington, P. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Leadership Education Institute for Faculty in Colleges of Agriculture
0203643 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Freyermuth, S. Freyermuth, S. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Sequence and Consequence: A Hands-On Approach to Bioinformatics Research for Undergraduates
0203644 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jungst, S. Jungst, S. E. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Preparing Mindful Professionals and Citizens: A Pilot Academy for Leadership in Learning
0203647 TERMINATED SERD GRANT CHALFANT, J. A. CHALFANT,J.A UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Marketing and Management for a Changing Agrifood Chain:Educating Tomorrow's Leaders Today
0203648 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Williams, M. Williams, M. A. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Engaging Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Students in an Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Sustainable Agriculture
0203649 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thurman, W. N. Walter Thurman NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Proposal to Meet the Need for Scientists Trained in Forest Products Marketing and Management
0203650 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Reicks, M. M. Reicks, M. M. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Food Sciences and Nutrition National Needs Graduate Fellowship Program
0203651 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chang, C. Sze, H. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MD Graduate Training Program in Plant Functional Genomics
0203653 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Donovan, S. M. Donovan, S. M. UNIV OF ILLINOIS IL Training in Human Nutrition
0203654 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tuggle, C. K. Tuggle, C. K. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA National Needs Training Grant in Animal Molecular Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics
0203655 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hirschi, M. C. Hirschi, M. C. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Developing Land-Grant Scholars in Agricultural Systems and Natural Resources Engineering for the 21st Century
0203656 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bernardo, D. J. Daniel Bernardo KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Minority Fellows in the Economics of Food Safety and Biosecurity
0203658 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jones, E. C. Jones, E. C. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX CSREES-USDA National Needs Master's Fellowships in Biosecurity and Integrity of the Agribusiness and Food Supply Chain
0203669 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Boggs, D. Boggs, D. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Collaborative Agricultural and Food Sciences Distance Education Programs in the Heartland
0203677 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McDonald, M. McDonald, M. B. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH American Seed Technology Using Distance Education
0203679 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Morgan, M. T. Morgan, M. T. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Interactive Virtual Experiments for Food Processing Education
0203680 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koliba, C. Koliba, C. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT An Integrated, Applied Science, Policy and Industry Curriculum to Prepare the Labor Force of Tomorrow
0203681 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grumet, R. Grumet, R. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI National Needs Fellowship Program in Plant Molecular Biology: Plant Biotechnology with a Global Perspective
0203688 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nechville, J. Nechville, J. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI Service-Learning Network-Integrating Service-Learning in Wisconsin Colleges of Agriculture, Life Science and Natural Resources
0203690 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Niswender, G. D. Niswender, G. D. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancing the Quality and Accessibility of Education for Land Managers
0203692 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kramer, D. Christoffel, R. A. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of a Natural Resources Field Institute: Shaping Future Professionals Through Experiential Learning and Teaching
0203710 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Coffman, W. R. Coffman, W. R. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Globalization, Agri-Business and Agriculture in India
0203714 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Barrick, R. K. Barrick, R. K. UNIV OF ILLINOIS IL Undergraduate Student Leadership Development
0203719 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mohtar, R. H. Mohtar, R. H. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN How Can Large-Scale Hydrologic Modeling Enhance Student Learning and Decision Making?