Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1012952 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bonning, B. C. Bonning,Bryony C UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Bt toxin-based strategies for management of Diaphorina citri and citrus greening
1015178 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh,Mehboob B. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Muscadine Grape: Exploitation of Berry Nutraceuticals as Anti-cancer Functional Food
1015925 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Safley, R. Safley,Robin FEEDING FLORIDA, INC. FL Growing Fresh Access Bucks: Expanding Opportunities for Affordable, Florida-Grown Fruits and Vegetables
1016430 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yu UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Identifying superior mango varieties for improving mango production and consumption in the US through genomic and phenomic tools
1016812 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Queeley, G. L. Queeley,Gilbert FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Empowering Minorities and Veterans to Succeed in Agriculture
1017962 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Taylor, R. W. Wesson,G. Dale FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL FAMU FY 2018 Facilities Grant Program
1018219 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Milla, K. A. Milla,Katherine A. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Research, Extension and Outreach/Education Capacity in Hydrologic Exchanges Between Human and Natural Systems
1018433 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Batuman, O. Batuman,Ozgur UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development of an automated delivery system for therapeutic materials to treat HLB infected citrus
1020301 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roberts, P. D. Roberts,Pamela UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Management of endemic and emerging bacterial diseases of Capsicum by plant resistance, novel compounds, and understanding pathogen diversity
1020574 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Krug, M. D. Danyluk,Michelle D. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Food Safety Practices and Introducing FSMA Regulations Through Hands-On Activities in Shared-Use Commercial Kitchens Across Florida
1021746 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. N. Robinson,Jenelle Nicole FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Enhancing Student Success through Performance-Based Nutrition Leadership and Performing Arts-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum Development
1021805 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rasmussen, A. Rasmussen,Andrew FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Watershed Modeling Using Aquatic Indicator Species to Evaluate Ecological Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change
1022437 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Taylor, R. W. Taylor,Robert W. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL 2020 Florida A&M University 1890 Scholarship program
1023272 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bowie, M. V. Bowie,Michael V UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Vet Start Mentoring Program
1023533 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sarkhosh, A. Sarkhosh,Ali UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Plant Safety, Horticultural Benefits, and Disease Efficacy of Essential Oils for Use in Organically Grown Fruit Crops: From the Farm to the Consumer
1023565 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Danyluk, M. D. Danyluk,Michelle D UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Scientific Challenges and Cost-Effective Management of Risks Associated with Implementation of Produce Safety Regulations
1023583 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Maltais Landry, G. Maltais Landry,Gabriel UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Quantifying the nitrogen cycling benefits of different cover crops across different Florida organic vegetable production systems
1023788 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Danyluk, M. D. Danyluk,Michelle D. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development and Evaluation of a Remote Learning Produce Food Safety Curriculum
1024437 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Balsubramanian, R. Balsubramanian,Ramkrishnan FLORIDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWERS AND CONSUMERS, INC. FL The Road to Safe and Healthy Food Podcast Project
1024575 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bonning, B. C. Bonning,Bryony C UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: Optimal Bt toxins and gene silencing RNAs for management of Asian citrus psyllid to mitigate the impact of citrus greening.
1024608 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mou, Z. Mou,Zhonglin UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP: A novel therapeutic strategy for HLB-infected trees
1024613 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Manker, D. C. Manker,Denise C. Citrus Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) FL CAP Collaborative approach between academics, growers and agrochemical industry to discover, develop and commercialize therapies for citrus huanglongbing (HLB)
1024646 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Levy, A. Levy,Amit UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SP-Unraveling Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus-phloem interactions using isolated vasculature from seed coats
1025187 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kropp, J. D. Kropp,Jaclyn Donna UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Diversity in Food and Resource Economics - Creating a World of Opportunity for Tomorrow’s Leaders
1026062 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rahman, M. A. Agarwal,Meenakshi - FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Establishing Gene Editing Technology to Develop Seedless Muscadine Table Grape
1026063 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Davis, K. J. Davis,Kimberly J FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Community Resilience To Strengthen To Climate Change And Natural Disasters
1026068 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Haseeb, M. Haseeb,Muhammad FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Developing FAMU's Capacity on Identification and Management of Economically Important Invasive Pest Insects from Caribbean Countries to Florida
1026086 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Odhiambo, J. F. Odhiambo,John Fredrick FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Partnership to Improve Beef Cow-Calf Development and Management in North Florida: Focusing on Limited-Resource Beef Cow-Calf Producers
1026206 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sheikh, M. B. Sheikh,Mehboob Basha FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Capacity in Agro-Nutraceuticals to Study Muscadine Grape as a Potential Prebiotic and Probiotic Source to Promote Gut Health
1026803 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Freeman, J. H. Hajihassani,Abolfazl UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The use of compact bed design and prescriptive approaches to managing nematodes and weeds in plasticulture vegetable production