Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0203624 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Josephson, E. M. Josephson, E. M. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Portable DVD-Based Teaching Tool to Enhance Student Learning in Gross Anatomy Instruction
0208883 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stallmann, J. I. Judith I. Stallmann UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Sustainable Rural Communities National Needs Fellowships
0206031 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dickson, M. A. Judith Trefsger UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Social Responsibility in Textile, Apparel, and Footwear Industry Supply Chains Development of a Post-Baccalaureate Core
0204824 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perkins, J. A. Judy A. Perkins PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Recruit and Prepare Underrepresented Environmental Engineers and Natural Resources
0203644 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jungst, S. Jungst, S. E. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Preparing Mindful Professionals and Citizens: A Pilot Academy for Leadership in Learning
0204013 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jurena, P. N. Jurena, P. N. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Building a Research Based Bridge Between an HIS and a Land-Grant University for Graduate Studies in Environmental Sciences
0202794 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kanemasu, E. T. Kanemasu, E. T. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA The Global University: Partnerships for Internationalizing Students, Faculty and Stakeholders to be Global Citizens
0206973 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schneider, K. M. Katie Schneider FARGO HIGH SCHOOL OK Creating Authentic Intellectual Learning: Convergence of Agriculture Science II and Biology I
0203364 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Coleman, M. L. Kearns, D. E. Dayton High School OR The Dayton High School Horticulture Education Improvement Plan
0199950 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kendall, E. L. Kendall, E. L. Capitol Region Education Council CT Rivers to the Sea
0203754 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kerr, W. L. Kerr, W. L. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA National Needs Graduate Fellowship: Functional Foods and Human Health
0196110 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kinkel, D. H. Kinkel, D. H. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Use of E-Mentoring, Job Shadowing, and Professional Conferences in a Structured Approach to Career Awareness, Explorartion, and Development
0207724 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kinsey, D. T. Kinsey, D. T. FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Promoting Faculty Excellence in Natural Resources Education
0201249 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chin, K. L. Kit L. Chin SOUTHERN UNIV & A&M COLLEGE LA The Use of Motivational Speakers and Scientific Exposures Summer Program as a Tool for Student Recruitment
0197455 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Klein, R. Klein, R. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Student Recruitment and Partnerships for Learning
0198501 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Klein, R. Klein, R. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Irrigation Requirements for Juneberry Establishment & Growth
0196205 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Knobloch, N. Knobloch, N. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL A National Assessment of Learner Centered Approaches to Teaching in Colleges of Agriculture
0195822 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koike, B. Koike, B. Oregon Coast Community College OR Project Pisces: Linking Oregon Coast Community College's Aquarium Science Curriculum to Lincoln County Middle and High Schools
0203680 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koliba, C. Koliba, C. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT An Integrated, Applied Science, Policy and Industry Curriculum to Prepare the Labor Force of Tomorrow
0206982 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Korn, H. Korn, Howard, H. ULSTER BOCES NY Ulster BOCES/SUNY Delhi Partnership Developing and Implementing Turf Management Bridge Program
0210282 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koss, S. A. Koss,Steve POYNETTE HIGH SCHOOL WI Linking to post-secondary degree programs through experiental based courses in Horticulture/Landscaping Design.
0204014 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Culinary Arts Student Achievement
0210389 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Proyecto Alimento II: Success in Food & Nutrition-Recruit, Retain, Transfer of Hispanic Students from 2 to 4 year Nutrition Degree Program
0199880 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dillon, K. R. Kurt Dillon Rawlins County USD 105 KS The Connected Agriculture Classroom
0204816 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Guo, M. Labreveux, M. E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Teaching Analytical Techniques to Enhance Forage, Soil and Water Quality Sciences
0203987 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ladayne, J. Ladayne, J. FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Identifying and Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in Natural Resources Education
0200340 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mian, L. S. Lal S. Mian CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Pre-Professionals in Environment Health Science Program
0211996 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dutto, L. S. Larry Dutto, L. S. College of the Sequoias CA Veterinarian Technician Training Program
0200415 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Larson, B. C. Larson, B. C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Distance Education in Integrated Pest Management
0210409 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Calderon, L. Laura Calderon CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and curricular development for the Food Science + Technology and Nutrition Programs