Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0204527 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Linn, D. Linn, D. PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND COMMUNITY COLLEGE AK Student Recruitment, Retention and Educational Equity
0208367 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Linn, D. J. Linn, D. J. Prince William Sound Community College AK Basic Nutrition and Wellness for Incoming Native Alaskan College Students
0197794 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McWhinney, S. McWhinney, S. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Food Systems Management: A Computer Interactive Approach
0197795 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Risch, E. Risch, E. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishment of a Bio-Environmental Geographic Information System Phase II
0204824 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perkins, J. A. Judy A. Perkins PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Recruit and Prepare Underrepresented Environmental Engineers and Natural Resources
0211591 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Griffin, R. W. Griffin, R. W. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Enhancing Classroom Instruction through Cooperative Learning Experiences
0210282 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koss, S. A. Koss,Steve POYNETTE HIGH SCHOOL WI Linking to post-secondary degree programs through experiental based courses in Horticulture/Landscaping Design.
0209076 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gillpatrick, T. R. Gillpatrick, T. R. PORTLAND STATE UNIV OR Project Pipeline
0196177 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pereira, R. Pereira, R. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR A Multimedia Program to Facilitate Retention and Academic Performance of Minority Students in Entry-Level Math and Science Courses
0200063 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Genaway, M. Mary Lou Genaway PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL NY Pioneer Curriculum, College, and Careers
0203405 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Krause, M. Martin Krause PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL NY Pioneer Agribusiness - Entrepreneurial Project: Curriculum and Careers
0210328 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Krause, M. Martin Krause PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL NY Pioneer Ag. Curriculum, Careers, College
0196231 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. Irudayaraj, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Nanoscale Education for Agriculture and Food Based Curricula
0201437 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mortensen, J. H. Mortensen, J. H. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Planning a National Academic Summit in Higher Education
0202793 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Comerford, J. Comerford, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Production Practices and Consumer Studies with Grass-Fed Beef in the United States and Argentina
0203617 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hall, M. H. Hall, M. H. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Development of Interactive, Computer-Based Teaching Modules for Undergraduate Forage Courses
0203828 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Christ, B. J. Leonard Francl PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Meeting the Need for Leaders in Agricultural Biosecurity
0206399 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Stehouwer, R. Stehouwer, R. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Agriculture's Role in Increasing Organic and Bio-waste Recovery and Recycling: Applying Lessons from European Systems
0214220 TERMINATED SERD GRANT FRAZIER, J. L. FRAZIER, J. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A New International Collaboration to Understand African Bee Biology, Ecology, and Mgmt as a Key to Sustaining Honey bee Health in the US
0195811 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Coale, D. L. Deppman, M. Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center VT Vermont Agribusiness Workforce Development Center
0210238 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Williams, S. Midkiff, Christi OWENSBORO COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE KY Discover Biotechnology in Agriculture
0196145 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Armstrong, T. Armstrong, T. Otero Junior College CO Southeast Colorado Agriculture Initiative
0203620 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Torres, J. A. J. Antonio Torres OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR PhD Food Scientists with Postsecondary Education Training, IT Expertise and Instrumentation Research Capabilities
0206381 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sylvia, G. Sylvia, G. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Enhancing Global Competitiveness of the U.S. Seafood Industry: Educational Case Studies in International Trade and Marketing
0195822 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koike, B. Koike, B. Oregon Coast Community College OR Project Pisces: Linking Oregon Coast Community College's Aquarium Science Curriculum to Lincoln County Middle and High Schools
0203630 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ward, C. E. Clement Ward OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Enhancing an Experiential Learning Tool: The Fed Cattle Market Simulator
0203642 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pennington, P. Pennington, P. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Leadership Education Institute for Faculty in Colleges of Agriculture
0206395 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jin, B. Jin, B. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Building U. S. Competitiveness in Natural-Fiber and Related Industries by Preparing Students and Small Business Leaders for Global Markets
0196200 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Martin, J. Martin, J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION OH Course Enhancement and Graduate Research to Develop Ecological Methods for Treating Animal Waste