Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210406 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, T. W. Johnson,Terry Wayne GERALDINE HIGH SCHOOL AL "Connecting with Outside Resources to make High School Horticulture Instruction More Job-Related"
0195815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, L. S. Nichols, L. S. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD 2+2+2 Multicultural Scholarships for Native Americans
0215342 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Daugherty, K. E. Daugherty, K. E. Illinois Agricultural Association, IAITC IL 2009 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
0198658 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lewis, S. L. Lewis, S. L. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK 2501 Program Outreach to Native Americans (TONA)
0196150 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hill, W. A. Hill, W. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL 62nd Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC)
0195960 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wold, A. P. Wold, A. P. FOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN A Collaborative Effort Toward Innovative Approaches to Soil Mapping in Forested Landscapes
0195093 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rockwood, D. L. Rockwood, D. L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Cooperative Multicultural Scholars Program in Natural Resources and Forestry Between Florida A&M University and the University of Florida
0196230 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wattiaux, M. Wattiaux, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A Curriculum to Link Experiential Learning with Information Technology to Enhance Educational Quality and International Competitiveness
0203637 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Andreasen, C. B. Andreasen, C. B. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Digital Image Database to Enhance Foreign Animal Disease Education
0199896 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Swanson, J. L. Swanson, J. L. Edwin O. Smith High School CT A Learning Module and Lab Manual to Teach Students How Protein Structure is Related to Function, at the Molecular, Cell & Whole Plant Level
0214219 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bush, J. K. Bush, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX A model to integrate mentoring between community entities to promote and enhance career development for underrepresented minorities
0207088 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St. Hilaire, R. St. Hilaire, R. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM A Multi-Institutional Educational Model to Enhance Irrigation Teaching and Training
0195810 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Reinschmiedt, L. L. Reinschmiedt, L. L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS A Multicultural Scholars Program in Horticulture and the Plant Sciences - Training Through Experiential Learning
0196177 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pereira, R. Pereira, R. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR A Multimedia Program to Facilitate Retention and Academic Performance of Minority Students in Entry-Level Math and Science Courses
0196205 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Knobloch, N. Knobloch, N. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL A National Assessment of Learner Centered Approaches to Teaching in Colleges of Agriculture
0196195 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Linker, H. Linker, H. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A National Model for Agroecology Instruction
0214220 TERMINATED SERD GRANT FRAZIER, J. L. FRAZIER, J. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A New International Collaboration to Understand African Bee Biology, Ecology, and Mgmt as a Key to Sustaining Honey bee Health in the US
0200143 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Weber-Nielsen, M. S. Weber-Nielsen, M. S. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Novel Dairy Management Learning Experience for Undergraduates:The Dairy Challenge
0193642 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hartman, K. E. Hartman, K. E. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND A Pilot Aquaculture Partnership Project to Enhance Tribal Community College Instruction, Research Extension, and Entrepreneurial Development
0203624 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Josephson, E. M. Josephson, E. M. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Portable DVD-Based Teaching Tool to Enhance Student Learning in Gross Anatomy Instruction
0196143 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sanders, I. M. Sanders, I. M. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR A Program to Provide Experiential Learning Experiences for Environmental Science Students
0196174 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rios-Gonzalez, A. Rios-Gonzalez, A. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR A Project to Recruit Disadvantaged Students in the Environment Science Program
0203649 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thurman, W. N. Walter Thurman NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Proposal to Meet the Need for Scientists Trained in Forest Products Marketing and Management
0204829 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nahashon, S. N. Nahashon, S. N. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Science-Based Training Program to Enhance Capacity in Food and Agricultural Bio-Security
0206397 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Singh, S. Singh,Surendra P. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Strategy for Internationalizing Agriculture Programs: Preparing Graduates for Global Competency in Building Agricultural Competitiveness
0207820 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Acquaah, G. Acquaah, G. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK A Summer Bridge Program for the Retention of Underrepresented Minoriteis in Agriculture Programs
0197883 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Arnold, J. Mrs. Jessie Arnold ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS A Systemic, Unified 1890 Land-Grant Model for Creating, Capturing, and Delivering Digital Learning Objects for the Food and Agricultural S
0206981 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Raman, D. R. Raman, D. R. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Virtual Education Center for Biorenewable Resources: Building Capacity and Humanizing Distance Education
0197882 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rawls, W. Rawls, W. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Academy for Strengthening the Curriculum in Agricultural Education