Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029045 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nwe, Y. Nwe,Yin Yin PALAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE Building capacity, strengthening resident instruction, and improving quality of education for agriculture and related sciences by upgrading science laboratory in Palau Community College.
0195442 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grabacki, S. T. Grabacki, S. T. ALASKA MANUFACTURER'S ASSOCIATION AK Salmon Quality Standards
0204991 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bertmaring, H. Bertmaring, H. ALASKA MANUFACTURER'S ASSOCIATION AK Salmon Quality Standards - 2005
0212572 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pinney, P. P. Pinney, P. P. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Extended University: A Continuing Collaboration Between the College of Rural AK Extended Campuses & AK Cooperative Extension Service
0222810 NEW OTHER GRANTS Klingler, T. LaBelle, S. Chugachmiut, Inc. AK Snaaqulluta Neqnek (Sharing Food) Community Food Assessment Project
0223505 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rader, H. B. Rader, H. B. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Rural Delivery: New Education Methods Promote Self-Reliant, Alaska Native Villages
1024368 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rearden, K. Chartier-Hanson,Haley UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Building Tribal Resilience in Southwest Alaska
1026824 NEW OTHER GRANTS Schulte, P. Schulte,Priscilla Univerisity of Alaska Southeast AK Alaska Native Knowledge: Experiences in Resources and Science
1027506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Toerdal, A. Toerdal,Amanda KAWERAK, INC. AK Increasing Access to Fresh Produce for Bering Strait Tribal Communities
1028511 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mounts, L. Mounts,Lisa ALASKA VILLAGE INITIATIVES INC AK American Rescue Plan Technical Assistance Investment Program - Alaska Village Initiatives
1029076 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stevens, C. Stevens,Carrie UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Place-Based Solutions for Alaska Native Food & Energy Sovereignty
1029159 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. Tressler,Elizabeth K YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program Produce Prescription Program
1029644 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amarok, B. Amarok,Barbara UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Indigenous Meat Production in the 21st Century: Feeding Our People, Feeding the State
1030665 NEW OTHER GRANTS Duncan, T. Duncan,Tawna KENAITZE INDIAN TRIBE AK Kenaitze`s Food Sovereignty Campus Development Project
1030715 NEW OTHER GRANTS Millett, J. Millett,Joie RURAL ALASKA COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM, INC. AK RurAL CAP Growing Rural Opportunities for Wellness (GROW) Proposal
1030907 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, J. York,DeShana UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Diverse Next Gen Food Policy Leaders Trained in Resilient Systems and Federal Workforce-Ready
1031253 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walls, C. Walls,Caitlin ILISAGVIK COLLEG AK Naullagnaq: Growing Capacity for Teaching Traditional Knowledge and Language Preservation at Ilisagvik College
1031257 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stevens, C. Stevens,Carrie UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS AK Drumbeats Alaska: Place-Based Solutions for Alaska Native Food & Energy Sovereignty 2023-26
1031295 NEW OTHER GRANTS Willsrud, S. Willsrud,Susan CALYPSO FARM AND ECOLOGY CENTER AK Growing Alaskan Farmers: An agricultural training program for Alaska Native people and their communities
1031378 NEW OTHER GRANTS Haynes, H. Haynes,Hal ILISAGVIK COLLEG AK Strengthening Tribal Students’ Persistence and Retention with Place-Based Wellness, Behavioral Health, and First-Year Student Support Strategies
1031443 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. K. Tressler,Elizabeth K YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Prescription Produce Program
1031535 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stang, S. Stang,Stephanie NORTON SOUND HEALTH CORP AK Norton Sound Health Corporation Produce Prescription Program
1031837 NEW OTHER GRANTS Toth, K. Toth,Kelli ANCHORAGE, MUNICIPALITY OF (INC) AK Municipality of Anchorage, Solid Waste Services (SWS) Food Waste Reduction, Dehydration, and Composting pilot project.
1031890 NEW OTHER GRANTS Porter, M. Porter,Mary YAKUTAT TLINGIT TRIBE AK Expanding Yakutat Tlingit Tribe's Community Composting & Gardening Program
0213870 NEW OTHER GRANTS Griffin, R. A. Griffin,Al GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL AL Pike County Agriscience and Technical Career Academy (Pike A & T)
0216853 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulvaney, D. R. Mulvaney,Donald AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Auburn University Multicultural Scholars for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine
0219813 NEW OTHER GRANTS Strickland, K. K. Kathryn Strickland FOOD BANK OF NORTH ALABAMA AL Pulaski Pike Market, a worker-owned food cooperative serving low-income, urban neighborhoods existing in a food desert.
1004645 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bolden-Tiller, O. Bolden-Tiller,Olga TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Cultivating 21st Century Workforce Diversity in Agricultural and Natural Resource Conservation
1021442 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jackson-Davis, A. Jackson-Davis,Armitra ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Securing the Future: Training Underrepresented Graduate Student Leaders in Food Safety and Soil Health to Ensure Food Security
1025165 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lindner, J. R. Lindner,James R. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Reclaiming the Story of Agriculture Fellows Program: Preparing the Next Generation of Agricultural Education and Communication Leaders