Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196725 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Doney, E. Doney, E. Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Fort Belknap College Extension Program: Growing Community Well-Being Through Health and Education
1017132 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Morales,Manuel Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program Capacity Grant
1024287 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Werk, A. Filesteel,Sandy Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Consolidating and Expanding Nutrition Education Outreach Efforts on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation
1023869 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kolawole, J. Kolawole,Julius AFRICAN ALLIANCE OF RHODE ISLAND (AARI) RI Supplement-Southern New England Farmers of Color Collaborative
1019932 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, J. R. Butler,John Robert AGRICENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. TN Veterans Employed in Technology and Service in Agriculture (VETSA)
0188613 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Finley, J. W. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CO High Selenium Meat, Wheat, and Broccoli: A Marketable Asset?
1009938 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simon, P. Simon,Philipp AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Identifying phenotypes, markers, and genes in carrot germplasm to deliver improved carrots to growers and consumers
1009958 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Luo, Y. Luo,Yaguang AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Food Safety Innovations and Preventive Controls during Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce Washing, Packing, and Retail Display
1013453 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Bacterial stem blight of alfalfa: Connection with frost damage, development of resistant germplasm, and mapping resistance genes
1013499 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thilmony, R. Thilmony,Roger AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Development of a Transgene Biocontainment System for Switchgrass
1016386 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cichy, K. A. Cichy,Karen Ann AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Improving the Consumer Quality of Organic Dry Beans through Plant Genetic Improvements and Innovative Processing Methods
1016584 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mirsky, S. B. Mirsky,Steven B AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE MD Selection to Distribution: Delivering Regionally Adapted Cover Crop Varieties to Organic Farmers
1017044 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Brunet,Johanne AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Extending a model of gene flow by insect pollinators to discontinuous landscapes
1017071 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Welker, T. L. Welker,Thomas L AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Underlying Mechanisms For Selected Disease Resistance And Enhanced Non-Specific Resistance In Rainbow Trout
1020708 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Advancing the use of alfalfa leaf protein concentrate in aquafeeds to enhance finfish production and reduce environmental impacts in aquaculture production
1023766 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Brunet,Johanne AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Impact and spread of the glyphosate resistance gene in feral alfalfa populations
1027179 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Randle, A. Randle,Ashley AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES, MASSACHUSETTS DEPARTMENT OF MA FRSAN-SDA MA FY21 - Strengthening and Enhancing the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network in Massachusetts
1027305 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Seymour, A. Green,Charles AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VA Virginia Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027405 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Forsyth, C. Lyberger,Debra AGRICULTURE AND FOOD, UTAH DEPARTMENT OF UT Utah Farm Stress Assistance
1027136 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams Wiley, L. Adams Wiley,Lillie AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY, LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF LA Louisiana Farmer Stress Assistance Program
1027364 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kenney, J. Menke,Grant AGRICULTURE AND LAND STEWARDSHIP, IOWA DEPARTMENT OF IA Farm and Ranch Wellness: Meeting Local Needs
1027387 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cohenour, M. Cohenour,Meriruth AGRICULTURE FOOD AND FORESTRY, OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF OK Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Mental Health Initiative
1027339 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Edwards, C. Edwards,Cynthia AGRICULTURE, ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF AR Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network - State Departments of Agriculture
1027128 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Robak, O. Williams-Helm,Alison AGRICULTURE, COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CO Colorado Farmer and Rancher Mental Health Support Grant
1027206 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Windham, E. Windham,Erin AGRICULTURE, CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF CT Developing and Building a Comprehensive Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network in Connecticut
1027249 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bothfeld, D. Willard,Abbey AGRICULTURE, FOOD & MARKETS, VERMONT AGENCY OF VT Vermont`s Plan for Further Developing the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
1027082 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Loke, M. K. Loke,Matthew K. AGRICULTURE, HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HI Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN) - Hawaii State Plan to NIFA, FY 2021
1027156 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pratt Lickley, A. Atkinson,Hayden AGRICULTURE, IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF ID Enhancing and Expanding Idaho`s Producer Stress Assistance Programs
1027126 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Derhake, A. Jones,Kristi AGRICULTURE, ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF IL Farm & Ranch Stress Assistance Network-State Departments of Agriculture